Easter Sunday 1

I sprang into action and we were out of the gate and walking across the field towards the beach where a small van and a couple of cars were parked. I suspect the cars were there for an assignation and the van was freeloading. The dogs went to investigate causing the resident van dog to bark loudly which must have been an entertaining experience for the human occupant(s) of the vehicle. The dogs were not doing anything antagonistic but the resident just didn’t like the idea of having strange dogs nearby.

We continued to the rocks and back down the track towards Plakaki. And the dog barked again as we walked past. Luis didn’t make it to Plakaki and only Skinny actually entered the garden as he was the first to arrive. A function of long legs and being a mountain dog.

It was still fairly dark as we walked back but the sky was mostly clear so the moon helped. I decided to take the dogs past the van on the beach side as it was further away. Again, the dog barked as we walked calmly and almost silently along the beach for the second pass of the Promontory. It barked as we walked to Plakaki and back for the second time during which we visited the beach. I was surprised to see the black dog and its owner out and about considering the time of the day. Both disappeared into the garden and the gate was shut to prevent any transfer of dogs from garden to beach and vice-versa.

I rode into Paleochora to purchase bread and a spinach pie for Bona. She told me upon my return that she’s still not well and has an upset stomach so is not very interested in eating. She busied herself with cleaning the kitchens and bathrooms.

I relaxed my brain before feeding the dogs and making tea. I then sat in the sun for quite a while. I performed some software updates to the Inter Sport servers as the store is closed today. Later, I wandered the camping a little and even went down to the beach where people were lying in the sun and enjoying themselves. I felt the wind was too cold for this but then it’s a while since I’ve lived in Northern Europe.

Janne and Erica went out for a bike ride to Paleochora and to look at a small house near the Paleochora camping. On checking the shower water temperature in the main bathrooms I discovered the boiler wasn’t working. It took several attempts to persuade it into activity but it’s now working again. I feel it needs a service before the main season.

The T1 couple arrived and the family in T5 are leaving so I need to track them down to take their money. Next on my list of things requiring attention. I’ve fed the dogs and prepared food for myself so little more to do for the remainder of the day.

Generally, quite an undemanding Sunday.

Much warmer than yesterday with plenty of sunshine but some cloudier and more threatening intervals. Tomorrow looks unsettled with the possibility of rain later.


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