Easter Sunday II

FidgetBottom decided that 04:25 would be a good time to go for a wee and then disappeared around the back. I’d decided to leave her out but then got up and let her back in when I heard her rooting around outside. By then, I was wide awake so might just as well have got up.

The morning was warm and the sky cloudless so it appeared to get lighter much earlier. We were soon on our way up the beach to Plakaki and back again although Luis had already disappeared into the darkness. It wasn’t until the second walk to Plakaki that he magically disappeared.

I put the boys into the van then went to the bottle bank with the girls before going out on my bike to Paleochora on a non-stop visit. It was an enjoyable ride and there were quite a few people around considering it was Easter Sunday.

I relaxed my brain then let the dogs out and fed them before making tea for me. The camping was beginning to wake up by now and Toni and Manos were out and about preparing tables for later.

The morning passed quietly by as there were no arrivals only one departure, the Dutch couple who paid by bank transfer. The wind had dropped during the night so the day was warm and fine. Janne and I put a load in the washing machine which was the other great excitement.

Later, Georgia phoned to ask if I’d let Erica and Janne know it was time to come to the area outside the Common Room to eat. We had some pasta with pesto and loads of beans and salad whilst the others ate mostly meat. I’d not eaten all the Horta pies from yesterday but I think there are now none left. It got cooler so I came back to put on another layer then returned to eat some delicious chocolate brownie.

The usual collection of friends and family were present so I had a chat with Manolis, Georgia’s cousin as well as her brother. His daughter has a dog she is trying to rehome. She was one of three found outside the high school. Unfortunately, the dog doesn’t get the time or attention it deserves.

I now know why Manolis was waving trying to get my attention as I rode past EKO this morning… She looks like a lovely girl.

There were a couple of interruptions as the barrier had been left open tempting a temporary visitor to the camping. I went down for a wander and then took payment from the German couple with the baby who’d been nibbled by mosquitoes during the night. They will leave tomorrow morning. I also took payment from the residents of T1 who only stayed for one night. The single Greek guy in Ξ1 asked if I’d take payment from him at eight tomorrow morning.

The dogs finally got fed as I’d anticipated being late so had put the doggy rice on before going to eat. Good job it did! I then fell asleep in my chair under the awning and find myself sitting in the darkness with the dogs all in the van. The wind has dropped so It’s not cold.

Warmer than yesterday with no wind to begin with but became chilly during the afternoon.


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