Easter Monday II

There was little left of Sunday by the time I’d done everything that required my attention so I gazed at the box for a little while before going to bed. Seeing as the mornings get lighter each day, I advanced my alarm to 04:55 for Monday morning.

It was warm and the sky relatively clear by dawn. It was starting to get light as we left Plakaki so I turned their lights off once we were back on The Promontory. We were away from Plakaki for the second time by 07:10 so no sign of any other activity.

I had a departure to attend to at 08:00 so went to collect his money before going into Paleochora to collect bread and visit Petrakis. There was quite a lot going on although most shops were closed for Easter Monday.

It was a pleasant ride back to relax my brain before feeding the dogs. I had the DDs to prepare and some tea to make so got on with that before sitting down to enjoy the sunshine and deal with some camping admin.

Janne and Erica went out for a walk so I though it might be fun to play with my BMS which I’d taken out when there was the short circuit problem a while back when it was raining. Fortunately, it’s all working correctly again as it’s not a good idea not to have a BMS to protect the battery. Furthermore, it’s possible to use the BMS to accurately calculate the SOC (State Of Charge) of the battery which is far more accurate than using the data from the inverter. This requires another cable which I shall acquire in due course.

Two repeat customers arrived and are in T3 until Saturday so they say. They are from the Netherlands but have lived for some while in a small village on Crete. They are here for a change of scene and to sample the delights of DownTown Paleochora.

There was one reservation during the day but they didn’t arrive until quite late. They are now in Ξ2 and their friends have put their van outside so that they can commune during the three days of their stay. They’ve not had access to a washing machine for a while so there is one load in with another waiting.

Shortly after, a couple with a tent arrived so I put them down by the beach. They are staying one night or possibly more.

The festivities have continued with celebrations to acknowledge Georgia’s name day however Lena has now left for Chania and the others have mostly gone too. I should imagine Georgia will stay a little while longer.

The day has been mostly warm and sunny although becoming cloudy in the late afternoon.

Slightly cooler than yesterday but with a breeze and some cloud later in the day.


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