In No Particular Order

A lady called from reception to tell me she’d been here for twenty-four hours. She tried to call me twice yesterday evening when she arrived but my phone wasn’t working so she set up her tent amongst the trees near the beach. She even showed me on her phone that she’d tried unsuccessfully to contact me on two occasions. I felt it was strange until I pointed out that she’d dialled 00 31 698 836 4709 in stead of 00 30 698 836 4709 which rather took the wind from her sails.

Georgia called to say that she was leaving, to collect money from Janne and Erica for electricity and that T2 would not be ready in time to accommodate the lady booked in on 20th. Amongst other things, she’s going to buy new kitchen fittings for T2. Not before time and hopefully for the bathroom as well as that is equally awful. Now that we have T4-T5, the others look very tired.

Luis seemed to be keeping up and almost made it to Plakaki but met us as we walked back. He then disappeared to reappear after we’d walked there the second time. The Barking Van Dog is still there but only barks when we’re walking to Plakaki the second time in daylight.

I rode to Paleochora after I’d given the nice German couple their second load of washing which was on the timer over night. I’m not sure that they’ve returned the yellow bucket yet.

Bona accosted me demanding money with menaces as she’d been told a tip would be left for her by Tim in M4. I’d preempted this assault upon my person having delivered the money plus a can of revolting drink to the ironing room. Apparently, money left for the cleaners in the summer often does not make it as far as her pocket.

The cloudy morning turned sunny after a while so we managed a full charge of the battery or there abouts. With Janne and Erica away at his brother’s funeral until Saturday, total consumption will decrease. Furthermore, I ordered a lead to connect the BMS to the Raspberry Pi so that the voltages and SOC can be displayed correctly in the battery data produced by the monitoring program. The last time it worked reasonably was with the SmartShunt which lasted less than a year.

Roger Moore entertained me as The Saint on some far-fetched story involving the capture of the police chief and gold bullion which was being unloaded by two people from a van. Had it really been bullion, the containers would have been impossible to lift. Maybe I’m taking The Saint too seriously.

There was one arrival from Germany, a couple in a van with a dog. The man asked if there was a location on the camping without cats. I pointed out that there are quite a few cats and that I doubted it. Later, when I saw how the dog and owner(s) behaved, I could see the root of the problem. Not the dog nor the cats but the owners. A classic case of reinforcing unwanted behaviour by the owners. I will try to subtly direct them to Caesar Millan’s videos for a solution to their problem. Similar to “come to mummy and I’ll kiss it better and give you a big hug” whenever a child harms itself in even the mildest way and makes a fuss. Then wondering why the kid is such a sissy and is constantly seeking attention. Dogs are no different.

The day was sunny and warm but there were a few clouds and quite a chilly easterly wind in the afternoon.

0.01ºC cooler than yesterday with a chilly wind and clouds later in the day. There were a few drops of rain as we walked back from Plakaki but nothing to write home about. Tomorrow is forecast to be about the same.


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