Happy Birthday to Me!

Lewis and Hathaway kept me busy and entertained as I’d completely forgotten the plot of the episode or the denouement. Lewis rescues Hathaway from a fire deliberately started by the perpetrator. All very exciting and knicker-gripping. Not long after, I retired to bed.

The morning started still and reasonably warm however I removed most of my hair the day before so needed a hat even before departure. There was quite a strong, cold wind at times so I escalated to hat and hood.

Erica sent a text with birthday greetings from Copenhagen where they spent a good chunk of the night. They left here yesterday evening and return on Saturday evening after a similar stop in Copenhagen.

There was the same car as yesterday in the beach car park and the same blue tent snuggled into a location just off one of the main access routes to The Promontory. We didn’t discover the tent until later. Otherwise, our walk was uneventful.

I fed cats and then rode to Paleochora stopping at the bakery for some bread. Getting up earlier means I can be back before nine which is a good thing now that the camping is busier and there are walkers who stay usually only one night. I take their money when they arrive so that we’re both free to go about our respective business in the morning.

Bona contacted me for some of her hooch and we retired briefly to the Common Room as I was soon to be interrupted to put on the first of the day’s washes. As I was talking to Mickey, the walker with the tent showed up to pay for his extra night. Mickey was soon to leave but made a kind donation to the animal fund before doing so.

I went back for some tea but was soon to be interrupted by another request for the washing machine from the couple who arrived yesterday evening. They needed two washes as they’ve been on the road a while.

A new customer arrived and is now in Bay 04 next to Sebastian. A German couple who will stay for a week perhaps.

I’ve not really achieved much today but have been kept busy doing very little. I ordered pet medication as the sandfly season will soon be upon us bringing the risk of leishmaniasis to the dogs. Definitely one to be avoided!

A cool start and generally cooler than yesterday, probably due to a westerly wind. There was talk of rain however none materialised. It should be the same tomorrow but possibly unsettled at the weekend. It has been known to snow on my birthday but not here and not today.

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