Hottest Day of the Year!

I’d prepared some food for myself and waited until it was unlikely there would be other arrivals. I was just preparing my meal when someone arrived at reception. I put the pans back into the pot and dealt with the arrivals. I sat down with my meal and then there was an alert from the camera to warn of a customer at reception. Soon after there was a call from a Belgian guy asking the price for the night. Eleven Euros was beyond his budget so he didn’t stay, to my relief. I was now halfway through my meal when another call from reception came from an Austrian couple wishing to stay for one night. Begrudgingly, I stomped off to greet them but managed to smile by the time we met. I suggested they might use one of the motorhome bays but they wished to see the beach so I guided them there and then took their money for everyone’s benefit in the morning. They were a very pleasant couple so I was in a more positive mood as I walked back to resume my meal. The next arrivals were Janne and Erica who needed their keys. Sasha was on duty outside and became quite excited when Janne shined his torch at her from the other side of the fence. She began wagging merrily once I arrived and she worked it all out. They arrived at a very convenient time as, by then, I’d finished eating and it was not quite bedtime.

The morning was somewhat brighter and warmer than yesterday so we were out by five-fifteen and heading down the Promontory. All but Luis, who disappeared almost immediately. I was keeping a close eye on Obi to be sure he didn’t take the opportunity to abscond.

There were two vans on the beach track but nothing in the car park. We passed both without disturbing the occupants and arrived at Plakaki just as it was starting to get light. I even managed to keep all of the dogs out of the gardens although Isabella disappeared briefly to visit Plakaki Hotel on the second visit. Obi was still present at the end and Luis miraculously reappeared for the second Plakaki visit.

I rode to Paleochora over Panorama once the cats were fed and the boys were inside. There didn’t seem to be a lot going on and the ferry was loading as I passed by. It’s not the usual ferry which probably explains why Frank has been marooned on Gavdos for several days. I’ve not heard from him today so assume he’s given up any possibility of returning to the Crete. I stopped at the bakery but needed nothing from Petrakis.

The return ride was fairly painless except for the section by the rockfall where sand it all over the cycleway making navigation more tricky. It will be interesting to see if it’s still possible to pass by as a cyclist or pedestrian during the closure times however somehow I doubt it.

I started the DDs upon my return after feeding and releasing the hounds. I knew I had at least one departure so wanted to get ahead and make some tea. As it turned out, the couple with the fearful dog left first to continue their journey to Elafonissi. The couple in the cabin were later and the Austrian couple who appeared yesterday evening had already left.

I didn’t get up to much for the remainder of the day other than to swap over the wheelie bins and forget to take the glass recycling for tomorrow. Bona tells me work in T2 has been completed so it will be interesting to see quite how comprehensive the makeover has been. I will not have high expectations. I may be totally wrong as there was talk of just filling up damaged doors and surfaces and then more talk of replacing all of the fittings. I suspect the former rather than the latter once the costs of replacement were considered.

I fell asleep in the sun waking up with barely enough time to process the DDs before joining Erica and Janne for Fika on their verandah. I managed the processing bit and to put on their rice but the clearing up is yet to be done. Tonight I have a large salad with lots if chickpeas. The chickpeas should have been black-eyed beans but I chose the wrong container. Chickpeas take much longer to cook which is a shame as I usually put them on early in the day when the sun is shining.

There still appears to be banging from T2 so maybe work is still ongoing. Quelle surprise!

Significantly hotter than yesterday with hardly a breath of wind and plenty of sunshine interrupted by a hazy sky in the morning. The next few days should be reasonably stable as we head towards the end of the month.


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