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I went to bed early as I was tired. I’d been watching an interesting programme from the BBC archives about the construction of the northern section of the Victoria Line from Victoria to Walthamstow Central. Another interesting one was hosted by John Betjeman of a journey up the Edgeware Road looking at change over the centuries.

The morning was cooler but lighter as there were fewer clouds to the east and we were out later than the day before. Luis accompanied me on the lead and then spent time tied to a tree contemplating his misdemeanours. He then was lead to Plakaki where he was freed with little option but to walk back to The Promontory as it was now daylight.

I didn’t ride into Paleochora as I was feeling lethargic so decided to go in later as I needed bread and would visit Petrakis as tomorrow I have another dental appointment at 12:00 so will ride in then.

I spent the morning doing very little other than installing a Dutch couple and then set off for a ride into town around one. Janne and Erica took the opportunity to visit Άνυδροι scouting for dining out tomorrow. Το Σχολείο is open!

I’d just arrived in Paleochora when my phone rang with an Austrian couple waiting in the camping. I saw them pass me coming the opposite direction as I was riding in. I asked them to wait using the time to find a suitable place for their van. They have two dogs: a sixteen-year-old Spaniel and a retired Greyhound who appear to get on well. They are currently occupying Gabi and Manfred’s ‘reserved’ pitch but promise to vacate before 28 April.

I hung out some washing I found in the machine then spent the afternoon in a gentle decline possibly sleeping in the warm sunshine. I found time to clean my loo although it’s not full enough to empty yet. Janne and Erica have not returned so are undoubtedly dining out.

The Austrians reported that Houmas is open so will be going there for a meal later. I suggested they might also consider Το Σχολείο which is generally well worth a visit.

The lads have been busy around the camping. The broken umbrella frames have been welded by the guy who came to make the deckings and shadings last year. He uses the mini Helix welder which just does stick. It seems to have lasted him well and is conveniently small for awkward locations. The sander has been busy and the deckings have been treated to another coat of preservative. Bona has been catching up after yesterday’s absence with only T2 to clean once all the work is completed.

Frank is in his caravan which occupied Jorma and Kirsti’s winter location. I dropped off the four parcels which arrived during his absence and spoke to him briefly. His bicycle has broken spokes so is undergoing some maintenance.

I need to get organised in the morning as I have DDs to prepare, a dental appointment at 12:00 and a meal out with Erica and Janne at Το Σχολείο later. It’s all go at Grammeno!

Slightly cooler than yesterday with a strongish, chilly westerly wind which has now moderated. Otherwise, generally sunny and warm. The outlook is fine but a little windy on Thursday.


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