Dining Out

Luis joined me on the end of his lead once more with a very determined attempt at making me let him go by trying so see how slowly he could walk. He forgets that I know how quickly he can move when he feels like it. He waited with his tree as I took the others to Plakaki and back then joined us as we walked the second time. I let him off the lead once we were almost at Plakaki.

As soon as we were back at the camping I got on with the DDs as I knew the day would be busy. I had a request by the Dutch couple for the washing machine but Bona had a load in which I hung up as I put the Dutch load into the machine. There was one departure and I went around to see the other customers to see if they needed anything. The two Swiss couples will leave tomorrow and the Germans who’ve been here for quite a while. They’re going back to Germany.

I had my dental appointment at 12:00 but didn’t know the state of the road so set off in good time. The ACS courier stopped to give me my package which I took on to Paleochora and the dentist. I arrived early and the previous victim came out shortly after so I was able to go in and out by 12:10. I set off back to the camping stopping to take a call from a customer waiting at reception. He and his wife had been at the camping in November so happily waited ten minutes for me to arrive. They are now opposite the kitchen.

I put two loads on for the Swiss then we set off with Erica and Janne for Άνυδριο. Janne and Erica had walked over the mountain to the restaurant the previous day. We had a great meal consisting of salad, black beans and Kalitsounia for me. I had a tomato fritter too. It was great to be back at Το Σχολείο for another season.

There was another call during the meal from customers at reception. They found themselves a good spot and were settled in by the time I arrived.

The hottest day of the year. I relinquished my fleece early in the walk and hung it on the fence. The day was mostly sunny although there was a chilly wind. I’ve opened up the roof light above my bed as it get stuffy at night.


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