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Fidgeting dogs woke us up and Luis had to be pacified with his collar during the night as there was a dog barking locally. We were out of the gate just after five.

The Dog van was parked next to the facility for persons with mobility instability so it was not long before the aforementioned started to bark as it was difficult to pass without going near to the van. Luis and his tree were reunited and the remainder walked to Plakaki and back before the Lulu was released to join the next excursion. He made it almost to the end of the Plakaki rocks but probably held back as he’s a little overwhelmed by the girlies.

We completed our walk and returned to the camping. I went to remove Janne’s wash so was surprised to see him up and about in his Jim-Jams. We put on a second wash and he took the first to hang up. I then rode into Paleochora over Panorama stopping at the bakery. With the Holiday Weekend, there will be no roadworks for the next three days at least.

It was around nine so I released the dogs, fed them, took out the second wash and spun the heavy blankets on their own. Bona was surprised when she came into the laundry room.

Unbalanced load so only one solution to get it to spin at a decent rate!

I popped the washing over the fence in the bag which Janne left behind then got on with the DDs so as to stay ahead of the game. A series of arrivals were expected for the Holiday Weekend so I wanted to be prepared and have keys ready and accommodation checked.

The first arrivals were after midday so I had some time to drink my tea and sit for a while. Fortunately, Georgia was there to help, so she dealt with a couple of the arrivals who might have been special customers. There was one further arrival, an Austrian woman in a van who is next to the bar which will not be opening until the end of May. There were no departures today.

I came back and fell asleep so was late for Fika with Erica and Janne. I managed to put on the doggy rice before I left but the DDs were unprocessed. They were reasonably behaved during my departure but it was not easy due to a nearby dog coming to visit. We chatted and petted cats then they went off into Paleochora for a meal leaving me to process the DDs and feed the masses. So far, there have been no additional unexpected arrivals and one lot even paid on arrival. They are the ones I like as it saves rushing around when they all leave at once on Monday.

The night was unexpectedly cooler and the van door was open which explains the doggy fidgeting early morning. I shall close it this evening and we’ll stew. Tomorrow is looking good so hopefully I can relax.

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