More Arrivals

The forecast for the day wasn’t all that spectacular but it was still reasonably warm early on with enough of a breeze to hinder the mosquitoes. There were not that many stars visible although Jupiter was higher above the mountains and the sky was already getting light to the east.

There were no huge excitements but the continuing saga of the deceased animal in the river.… Read the rest

Some Arrivals

Isabella was out all night and Sasha needed a wee at some point so we both got up. She came back in bringing Isabella with her. It was cooler and they fidgeted around until it was time to get up. I didn’t have enough clothes inside so went out, got everything ready then let them out once their collars were on.… Read the rest

Busy Monday

The girls were outside all night so there were occasional disturbances when they charged about. At four, it sounded more like a herd of elephants than two dogs.

The morning was mild and windless so I went out with thinner clothing. I was too hot when the sun was stronger and even rode into Paleochora in just summer shorts, t-shirt and thin fleece.… Read the rest

Quiet Sunday

The wind was stronger than the previous day. I’d carefully filled up the biscuit container to take with me then left it on the table. I discovered this just as I reached the beach track. Luis was not far behind me so he doubled back at the same time as me to repeat it all over again!… Read the rest

Keeping on…

A light pattering of rain upon the metal roof around four confirmed the weather forecast was telling the truth. It was the lightest of rainfall so after a little while, we were on our way, just slightly later.

The wind was building so the waves were crashing against Alonáki Beach. There were no motorhomes in the car park just Frank further along the track in his caravan.… Read the rest

Final Dentist!

The night was cooler despite the door being partially closed, so there was a little fidgeting. Not helped by the stormy conditions which are heading this way. Nevertheless, we were up and out in good time to discover the Italian guy and his dog were back, parked next to the loos in the beach car park.… Read the rest


I finished off some cauliflower so didn’t go down to the kitchen yesterday evening. I found out later that the restaurant was officially open as someone said they had an enjoyable meal. Can’t have those waiters hanging around doing nothing.

It was just after 04:45 as we went out into the field. A stray dog was hanging around in the car park.… Read the rest


I was left in peace to enjoy my evening meal as there were no further unexpected arrivals. I was woken in the night by a mosquito which had managed to find its way under my insect tent having infiltrated my defences a little like the latest skirmish into the Russian Motherland. Despite my efforts, I was unable to exterminate it so went back to sleep instead.… Read the rest

Hottest Day

I thought I’d got away with unexpected late arrivals when the phone rang with an Italian guy on the other end. He and his wife wanted to look at some accommodation so I showed them Ξ2 and T1. They said it wasn’t quite what they were looking for and left. I suggested they might rent an apartment further down the road.… Read the rest

Checking Out

It was still and warm as we headed across the car park. The Italian motorhome was in the same place as was the other motorhome further in. I recall that being there yesterday too. We surprised the Italian guy and his dog who were near the rocks with an instrument on a tripod. It was around five so, like me, he probably wasn’t expecting too many people to be around.… Read the rest

Election Day

There were two more arrivals, both French. A couple in a motorhome who kindly opted to go into the tallest bay without a tour of the camping and a single guy with a tent who I put down next to the beach. Both are staying two nights which makes it more worthwhile. The single guy plans to leave early tomorrow morning.… Read the rest


At around 01:45 I was woken up by a short bark from a great big woolly dog outside the gate onto the field. I extracted myself from my bed, let Sasha in and then let Iera in from the field. There was not a sound from the others, Iera settled down and went to sleep, as did everyone else.… Read the rest

All Change!

The morning was warm so I was back to light shorts and a polo shirt. There were no surprises this morning, just a delivery to Frank. The courier brought him a chunk of dead animal which I hung in a tree by his caravan to prevent it being attacked by hungry predators.

I was expecting to see the Austrian couple as I rode into Paleochora however they left a little later than expected so I passed them on my way back.… Read the rest

Rescue Mission

An extra dog arrived at the camping during the evening. She’s been rescued by a German couple who fell in love with her when they found her in her little kennel alone in a small cage. They went to see the owner and eventually secured her release for 350€. She’d been kept in miserable conditions so the vet, Georgia Loufadaki, shaved off areas of her coat leaving her with bald patches.… Read the rest


I was pleased as there were no evening arrivals and it was cooler due to the cloudiness and spattering of rain. It was good to be able to feed the dogs then retreat inside the van to eat without interruption.

Isabella went out at bedtime and Sasha came in. I went to bed and didn’t hear a sound from either of them even after my alarm went off at 04:30.… Read the rest

Hottest Day

There were three arrivals in the evening, the last, a Swiss family, as it was getting dark. Why do people turn up so late in the day?

It was 20ºC when I walked out onto the decking however the wind made it feel cooler. I was wearing summer shorts so no pockets and shorter shorts. It was very dark as the moon was behind a cloud and coming near to the end of this cycle.… Read the rest

Hottest Day

The door was open again and some dogs were outside for all or part of the night. I don’t really recall which dogs went out and when. I remember a mosquito following me back into my sanctum at some point. It will be dealt with.

Our walk was uneventful but warm as I was down to just winter shorts, T-shirt and open gilet at one point.… Read the rest

Another Weekend Over

The door was open all night so the mosquitoes were coming in droves. I was in my mosquito tent so protected but could still hear them buzzing around outside.

I let the dogs out at 04:25 then got up myself. It was not windy and fairly mild with a diminishing moon towards the east. We performed our usual walk and were back around seven-thirty.… Read the rest

Another Party!

I really need to get Sasha a watch. She was prancing around in front of the van door at 04:15 wanting to pee so I got up to let her out and back in again. Skinny went with her for protection. I had another peaceful ten minutes in bed until the alarm sounded at 04:30; we were off out of the gate by 04:45.… Read the rest


Off to a good start but a little windy along the beach to Plakaki. Luis quickly got going and managed to keep up nearly all of the time so we were back at the ranch just after seven-thirty.

I rode to Paleochora with a stop at the bakery and Petrakis. I’d not used my new debit card on ApplePay since I stopped the other when it was used fraudulently to buy some electrical gadget or other.… Read the rest

Gently Busy

It was before four-thirty when I woke up so I got up with a little help/hindrance from Sasha. It’s difficult to get from your bed with two great paws and a snuffly nose in your way.

The morning was cooler than recently due to the wind so I needed my dog-walking fleece which had been left out on the fence the other day.… Read the rest

Dentist (Again)

I slept on until 04:55 despite the fidgeting nearby which should have removed me from my blissful. As I only had to put on my sandals, we were on our way quite soon although Luis seemed a little slower than usual this morning.

There was a selection of vans scattered along the beach track including still the one with the barking dog.… Read the rest


I was up at 04:30 as I was awake so we were out before five to find a warm but hazy morning with a watery moon and few stars.

Luis dallied as usual but managed to make it to Plakaki and back without undue distraction. Almost the same vans were parked along the track however the German one was replaced by an interesting Austrian one.… Read the rest

VE Day + 78

There was a lot of fidgeting so I gave up the unequal struggle and got up. Claws on vinyl floor, tail banging against the hollow door and general snuffling about. The temperature was up to 19ºC outside which might have had something to do with it. I’d shut the door due to the number of mosquitoes invading the van and buzzing annoyingly around my head as I watched the box.… Read the rest

Lazy Sunday

Luis decided to bark in the night responding to a distant barking session. I asked him politely to shut up as I’m not too keen on being woken up early on a Sunday. I finally got up at 04:40 as I seemed to have had enough sleep by then.

The morning was quite still and warm as we crossed the field with Luis dragging his feet a little.… Read the rest

Quite Busy

I carefully checked the weather forecast before leaving my bed as there’d been talk of the possibility of early rain. Some rain had fallen and there were some pretty black clouds partially covering the moon which has been visible in the morning for a few days.

There were just a few spots of rain and it seemed to get light quite early considering the amount of cloud.… Read the rest

A Quiet Day

Rain continued throughout the evening making it feel quite cold and damp. At bedtime, I came outside to see the moon in a reasonably clear sky. By morning, it was drier and warmer but with a strong northeasterly wind.

Luis seemed to be keeping up but still managed to disappear for a little while reappearing as we came back from the second Plakaki walk.… Read the rest

Rumble, Rumble…

I got up a little earlier as I was awake. I was quite tired yesterday so went to bed after Lewis and his side-kick had solved yet another Oxford multiple-murder.

The sea was still active and had been busily moving the stones from the Plakaki end to the Grammeno end replacing them with sand. Walking the first part was often complicated due to the banks of stones but much easier on the compacted shingle and sand at Plakaki.… Read the rest

Dentist Again

I think it was just before four when Isabella and Sasha reported, requesting to go outside. Sasha went out then came straight back in again. Apparently, it was Isabella which had the real need. I went back to bed and back to sleep until the alarm.

I checked the weather as the past couple of days have been variable so didn’t wish to get caught out in the rain.… Read the rest

Is it Monday?

Another warm, dry morning but overcast and very grey. The van with the dog has moved back up the track to a position near where it was before. Our walk was uneventful although it seemed to take a little longer than usual. Something to do with going out a little later.

I rode directly into Paleochora as there was some light rain when riding in.… Read the rest


The day started off well enough as it wasn’t raining or too windy. We managed our morning exercise without any excitement or inclement weather. We’d not long got back to the camping when some drops began to fall. I went to feed the cats in the hope of being able to ride into Paleochora to get some bread.… Read the rest