Is it Monday?

Another warm, dry morning but overcast and very grey. The van with the dog has moved back up the track to a position near where it was before. Our walk was uneventful although it seemed to take a little longer than usual. Something to do with going out a little later.

I rode directly into Paleochora as there was some light rain when riding in. I bought bread and went to Petrakis for some DDs and then back as the Dutch couple were leaving and wanted to pay. The Austrian lady by the bar also paid and left. She says she needs to explore more of the island but will return later in the month.

The dogs were fed and I made some tea before settling down to catch up with some administrative fallout from the weekend. I wasn’t feeling particularly active so there was little progress other than April was a good month!

I did some wandering around and chatting to customers amongst the showers and sunny intervals. We seem to be having April weather in May.

I was just about to feed the dogs when a French couple arrived and are now camped by the beach having refused one of the Small Cabins. They are touring and walking a little so they say. Apparently, they didn’t sleep well last night so are hoping for better tonight. I would have chosen the cabin although 30€ seemed to put them off.

I’d only been back a short while when a German couple arrived and they are now next to the restaurant kitchen. After another short interval, I was called to the reception by a family in a Hymer who I’ve put alongside the bar for two days. They recognised the UK couple from another camping as well as the other German couple who arrived just before them. Hopefully, this will be the final arrival of the day although it’s good to keep the numbers up I suppose.

I came back to find the WiFi wasn’t working because the power had gone off in the laundry room. I’d noticed the water temperature seemed a little lower but hadn’t spotted the power was off. I shall need to keep an eye on that but will quickly know if it goes off again.

Another showery and cool day with very occasional sunny intervals and some quite strong wind which seems to be coming from the east as I can hear the sea on Alonáki Beach.


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