The day started off well enough as it wasn’t raining or too windy. We managed our morning exercise without any excitement or inclement weather. We’d not long got back to the camping when some drops began to fall. I went to feed the cats in the hope of being able to ride into Paleochora to get some bread. Instead, the rain continued and increased so the ride into Paleochora was forgotten.

I went back inside and made tea then spent some time catching up with admin and producing a list of those leaving with their bill amounts in a spreadsheet.

Eventually, the rain stopped so I felt it would be a good idea to wander around in the hope of receiving some money. If I wander around sufficiently, they will get the hint, move out of their rooms and pay up. Fine in principal but no so much in practice.

I spent much of the remainder of the morning wandering around however the punters were aware there were no other bookings. I eventually got bored, went back, made some tea and fell asleep.

Having recovered, I went out again and actually managed to get most of the money in except for two families in T2+T5. They’d entrenched themselves near the vending machine and BBQ. Georgia and Zoe were chatting and eating. I joined in with the eating and stayed with them until they finally left after eight. Meanwhile, Georgia and Zoe had disappeared back to Chania.

The dogs were finally fed, only biscuits as it was so late. Frank fortunately had given me some of his freshly-baked rye bread and Manos gave me the rest of the beans from the main feast from Sunday. There was no need to cook anything and a quick munch, the end of Poirot and thence to bed.

Monthly summary for April 2023
Daily Summary for 1 May 2023
Rain at first followed by showers most of the day but not cold.


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