Dentist Again

I think it was just before four when Isabella and Sasha reported, requesting to go outside. Sasha went out then came straight back in again. Apparently, it was Isabella which had the real need. I went back to bed and back to sleep until the alarm.

I checked the weather as the past couple of days have been variable so didn’t wish to get caught out in the rain. My app confirmed there would be no rain even for the remainder of the day.

The wind had been blowing since the previous evening and I could hear the sea loud and clear on the Alonáki side so I knew the wind was from the east. What I didn’t know was that the sea was halfway up the beach and that it would be necessary to run across where the river crosses the beach. We’d already decided against continuing over the rocks as it’s difficult to spot the waves in the dark. We crossed with dry feet later however.

The girls, accompanied by Skinny appeared to be having lots of fun racing along in the surf chasing after the birds which they had no chance at all of catching. I walked around 8km so I have no idea how far they walked and ran. Only Luis walked less far as he wasn’t with us for the first Plakaki visit as he was biding his time on The Promontory.

I had no need to go into Paleochora as I would be going in later on my weekly dental visit. Not to say I was idling my time away as I got on with preparing the DDs and exercising my brain. That activity was cut short by a call from a nice Swiss woman to come to collect her money. She was the first of two departures and two lots of washing. All completed before my dental excursion. Due to the lack of sun since Saturday, the water in the eco showers was not very warm but I was brave.

Three of Anke’s cats on a folding camping stool sheltering under the table.

The dentist kept me for around thirty-minutes although he promises a much longer session next week as he prepares my tooth to receive a new crown. He assures me that my roots are now suitably clean and ready for the next stage. I may receive my crown and the treatment completed the following Wednesday if the current trend continues.

There was a quick diversion to Woof where I discovered the price of 20kg of cat food has now risen to 42€ from 38€ only about five weeks ago when Janne and Erica arrived. I had the nice lady divide the bag into 10kg for each bike bag. The cat food easily takes the form of the bag so dragging 20kg back is not difficult. Indeed, I’ve even brought 40kg back in the past!

I returned the second load of washing to the young family whose motorhome is opposite the bar. They were having something to eat behind the customer kitchen.

I took down the sheets I’d dried for Bona and then joined Toni and Manolis for some lunch. He’d produced some very tasty fassolakia which were very tasty even though half my mouth was still anaesthetised. I’m not sure the two of them got much more work done in what remained of the afternoon however I went back to deal with the DDs and to put on the doggy rice. I didn’t go to sleep until after dealing with the DD but then drifted off as the rice cooked itself.

Hopefully, there will be no evening arrivals today so I’ll be released to spend an evening of relative restfulness perhaps taking in a late sandwich following my earlier meal.

The dogs are waiting patiently for their food have exhausted other, less subtle methods of trying to galvanise me into activity.

Warmer than yesterday with a low of nearly 18ºC. Mostly to do with the easterly airstream. Tomorrow and Friday are also unsettled but with some sunshine which will be welcome.

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