A Quiet Day

Rain continued throughout the evening making it feel quite cold and damp. At bedtime, I came outside to see the moon in a reasonably clear sky. By morning, it was drier and warmer but with a strong northeasterly wind.

Luis seemed to be keeping up but still managed to disappear for a little while reappearing as we came back from the second Plakaki walk. The others managed to keep together although I think Sasha found some interesting bones so was delayed on occasions. We were back at the camping by 07:40 so I was on my way to Paleochora just after eight.

It was windy as I rode along the cycleway and over Panorama. The wind was behind me as I went along towards the port and then in my face as I came back the other side. I didn’t have to stop so kept going. There were no holdups at the rockfall and work appears to be progressing well with taking down the upper part of the cliff.

I exercised my mind before releasing and feeding the dogs. The nice French lady came to ask where she might buy lamps for her van and tell me they would stay another night. The family, who were staying just two nights was out when I went down with Manos and appeared to have taken over the bar area. He wants to sand the floor but the visitors have strung washing lines and filled the place up with their personal clutter. Manos seemed happy to put the job off even though I suggested he start at the bar end for today.

Later, Manos gave me his phone to look at as the display is not coming on even though the phone appears to start up. I took it apart to discover some possible damage to the display cable and suggested he take it for repair in Paleochora as he needs the data. The phone will be replaced on Monday when his daughter brings a new one.

I had some fiddling about to do with the April camping summary as, even though the totals are correct, some of the other items don’t add up which doesn’t give confidence. I amused myself by further tinkering of the template to make it clearer and less likely to have problems when additional columns and rows are added. It would be better as a database but that requires a whole load of new learning.

I finished off the afternoon by preparing the new Windows laptop Georgia presented me with to replace the ChromeBook used by Maria’s ‘assistant’ (AKA dog’s body). As usual with this type of setup, to do it properly took quite a bit of time due to installing the latest updates, drivers and patches. It’s not a bad specification with 8GB RAM and an SSD with AMD processor.

I have since fed the dogs and put on food for myself. Tonight will be Φακές with peas and potatoes accompanied by some salad. Hopefully, there will be no evening arrivals as the day has been quiet so far.

Unlike yesterday where we had rain and a thunderstorm which dragged on into the evening, the day has been sunny and mild although the wind makes it feel quite cold. Sitting in my decking area is warm and required the ceiling fan to provide some cooling.

Slightly warmer than yesterday’s high which was in the morning before the rain. The northerly wind made it feel quite chilly and the wind is still gusting over 40km/h. Some rain is forecast for tonight and the wind will be with us for much of the weekend

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