VE Day + 78

There was a lot of fidgeting so I gave up the unequal struggle and got up. Claws on vinyl floor, tail banging against the hollow door and general snuffling about. The temperature was up to 19ºC outside which might have had something to do with it. I’d shut the door due to the number of mosquitoes invading the van and buzzing annoyingly around my head as I watched the box. The fan-driven mosquito trap has been brought from winter storage for the summer season.

We left the starting gate around five and Luis eventually completed his essential tasks so wandered up to join the others. With a little encouragement from me as well as a certain amount of waiting around by me being pestered by mosquitoes, he made it to Plakaki and back twice.

The only incident that marred the walk was some dappy woman heading towards the beach for a morning swim. She was fussing about waving her towel around then wondering why the likes of Luis and Oskar were barking at her. Not looking where she was going, she fell over so was less than impressed. She disappeared towards the sea muttering incantations.

There are several regular vans parked overnight along the Alonáki beach track. These are valuable vans so the owners could easily afford to use a camping once in a while.

I wanted to get going as the pleasant German couple wanted to leave for Elafonissi and I needed bread as well as a visit to Panorama to take in the view. I dumped my rubbish having checked the family next to the bar/restaurant were still parked nearby, and rode off to deal with it later.

There were fewer pedestrians today, just some walkers as I rode there and back. There seemed to be no activity at the rockfall.

I returned to take the money from the departing Germans as well as a Czech couple who arrived late and camped overnight. He dutifully came to pay his dues even though I was none the wiser. I suspect the inmates of M4 have also arrived as there’s an alien car in the car park so I’m going to see how long it is before someone actually thinks to tell me.

The dogs were fed and released, not in that order, and I made myself some tea and put some Big Brown Beans on to cook the morning away. The girls had the last of the soggy bananas I should have known not to buy. Their replacements are better.

The morning drifted past with a washing load for the recently-arrived UK couple, Graham and Mary (Antoinette) (someone had a sense of humour!) She has an Irish passport which might explain something. They seem to have settled themselves in and their Dutch neighbour too or he’s left without paying.

The postman bought a package for Frank and advised me of something for me at the post office which requires payment. Soon after, I received a link from ELTA offering the opportunity to pay the 2.99€ online which I did. Maybe the postman will deliver my package sometime this week. I think it might be a cable.

I chopped back my hair as it was growing unevenly. I want to give my scalp the opportunity to get brown before the sun gets too strong so I plan to chop my hair regularly. Otherwise, the afternoon just passed without incident other than a visit to the shower. I even managed to put the Doggy Rice on the timer so as it’s ready and sticky. Otherwise it doesn’t absorb the water so comes out sloshy.

The clear, blue sky which supplied a wonderfully moonlit early morning and sunny day has gradually clouded over and turned grey. I later discovered the couple with the young children may have heeded my text message which asked them to move into the nearby space and remove their clutter from the bar area. They probably were woken up by the arrival of Bulldozer Man who is shoving the sand which has migrated up the beach, back where it belongs. I used to think the bulldozer and lunatics on dirt bikes destroyed the ‘sea daffodils’ but now think they probably encourage them to thrive.

Georgia had a meeting with someone from Petrakis so it looks as though they will be supplying the camping this summer. It’s quite a valuable contract although it will probably be less this year due to reduced offerings at the bar. I reckon she will be here for a few days to supervise the setting up of the restaurant and bar area. The new manager should arrive shortly too.

Looking through the calendar, I can see August is filling up nicely and there are several bookings for September. May doesn’t seem too busy although June is a little more so. Maybe there will be a reception assistant soon…

The hottest day of the year with an under-awning high over 30ºC. The morning was warm as my hoodie spent the walk hanging on a fence post. I was just wearing my Peter Storm Gilet and a light fleece when I cycled into Paleochora. Today is likely to be the warmest and sunniest day this week.


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