Off to a good start but a little windy along the beach to Plakaki. Luis quickly got going and managed to keep up nearly all of the time so we were back at the ranch just after seven-thirty.

I rode to Paleochora with a stop at the bakery and Petrakis. I’d not used my new debit card on ApplePay since I stopped the other when it was used fraudulently to buy some electrical gadget or other. Fortunately, I was able to add the replacement card to ApplePay even before the physical card arrived. I should have tested it on the camping’s POS machine but I forgot. Anyway, it worked so there were no problems at check-out.

I noticed the bike battery was a lot lower than expected and realised the rear battery was switched off. Leaning back to switch it on made all the difference. Work is progressing well at the rockfall which I passed without hindrance.

I had DDs to prepare so quickly fed the dogs and got on with it. Up until then, the sky had been cloudy but this slowly cleared to leave a sunny and very warm day.

There is one expected arrival today so I brought down the key which is now in the door. Hopefully, someone else will intercept the customers and convey them to their residence.

A call a little earlier from UPS resulted in a large box full of air for Frank. I decided to take this directly to him as a little walk seemed a good idea as I’d been comparatively inactive for a while. The huge box contained a self-inflating camping mattress. It transpired his old one gave up the ghost on his latest trip to Gavdos.

Some American customers called from reception to camp for the night. They are by the beach. They are working in Germany and are taking time in lieu as they worked over Easter. They plan to camp at Sougia and walk the Samaria Gorge.

The day has been lacking in activity with only one arrival so far. There is one departure in the morning and three arrivals for Ξ1, 2 and M7. It’s a group so is easy to deal with.

Work is progressing at the bar and Manolis is getting on well with the shower/WCs in the cubicles. I think the Xanthippos showers are all up together now.

Slightly cooler than yesterday by 0.1ºC but very sunny and warm. Even at nearly six, the sun feels quite warm on my face. Saturday to Monday may be warmer still!

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