Another Party!

I really need to get Sasha a watch. She was prancing around in front of the van door at 04:15 wanting to pee so I got up to let her out and back in again. Skinny went with her for protection. I had another peaceful ten minutes in bed until the alarm sounded at 04:30; we were off out of the gate by 04:45.

There was no wind but it wasn’t too warm so I was still wearing my dog-walking hoodie even with the hood up at times. The only surprises during the walk was Frank giving me back the screwdrivers he borrowed and Gaby with her dog Ella. She was a little overwhelmed by the six of them so they carried on up the beach track. We’ve not met them out this early before.

I rode into Paleochora to Petrakis to order some dog food. I didn’t order the previous day as I wasn’t sure if my card was working. I rode straight back again, past the rockfall where they were working away, even on a Saturday.

I knew there were some departures as the French couple had contacted me to say they’d be leaving. The others were the German couple who have a ferry from Kissamos tomorrow. They wanted to pick up some oil and asked if they should put it in clear plastic containers. I suggested they buy a metal can from one of the supermarkets as this would protect the oil better as well as their vehicle. The French, who rent a place, say they’ll be coming back to Grammeno before the Silly Season.

I got the keys for the accommodation as I find it easier to leave them in the door than walk around with a bunch of them in my hand or pocket. Maria called to say there would be one extra so Bona was rushing around doing the final preparation. I collected the money from the M4 rental as they are off tomorrow. I suggested they might try the Anydroi Gorge when they asked for a hiking tip. So long as there would be octopus at the restaurant, it would be fine.

The M6 rental arrived then some of the birthday group. I think most of them are here now. I have little idea as to how many will finally arrive so I said I’d come in the morning and we’d work it out between us. The birthday is one of the small children which the adults are using as a good reason to let their hair down.

The dogs have been mostly quiet and well-behaved other than some echo-barking when I’ve been away, which was a lot. There have been no motorhome arrivals as yet nor any unexpected tent arrivals but the evening is yet young.

There was activity in the kitchen and various members of staff have been occupying some of the tables at the bar. I understand the bar will open today and the restaurant next month. I’m sure they’ve been engaging in some staff training for the bar girls.

I spoke with Panagiotis, the new manager, as he was waiting at reception for a representative to arrive. I’m sure he’ll do a good job if allowed to. I thought Georgia seemed more chilled out than usual however others disagree. I was told of an incident where she pushed over an entire table of bottles and glasses although I wasn’t too sure what sparked this event or whether it was accidental.

There are always new surprises every day…

Today was cooler than yesterday despite the forecast to the contrary. There was no wind, unlike yesterday, and it was sunny nearly all day. Sunday is forecast to be warmer with plenty of sunshine.

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