Another Weekend Over

The door was open all night so the mosquitoes were coming in droves. I was in my mosquito tent so protected but could still hear them buzzing around outside.

I let the dogs out at 04:25 then got up myself. It was not windy and fairly mild with a diminishing moon towards the east. We performed our usual walk and were back around seven-thirty. With such a clear day, the birds were singing and it was delightful walking along the seashore.

I went to check on the birthday party group just to count their tents. They were up and about so we had a chat and I left them to it.

I went past the roadworks where I noticed one of the signs had encountered an accident during the night and noted I would remove it from the cycleway on my way back. My only stop was the bakery as I have everything I need for today.

I’d collected some money as people arrived which made things a little easier and I knew I had at least one wash to put on for the Swiss couples. I put on two washes altogether as the other couple joined in too.

The day turned out to be reasonably relaxing as the birthday group paid as one. I got called to the bar to sort out the POS equipment and later the ChromeBook as we didn’t seem to know the password. That has now been reset and is logged on as me. The others can either browse as guests or login with their own accounts.

There were two arrivals, a Czech couple with a small child staying overnight in a tent and a German couple with a small child also staying overnight but in a van. The Czechs have paid but the Germans are having electricity so will pay when they leave.

One of the Swiss couples will leave tomorrow morning so I’m told.

The bar is now officially open and I understand the restaurant could open as soon as next weekend, however Georgia has yet to decide. Most of today’s customers seem to have been camping staff more than paying punters.

The Bulgarian couple, friends of Zoe, who resided in M4, left today. They said they enjoyed the walk I suggested to them yesterday. There was no octopus at the restaurant but otherwise, the food was good.

Cooler than yesterday by 0.1ºC but mostly sunny and warm. Tomorrow is forecast to be 25ºC. Summer may be finally approaching.


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