Hottest Day

The door was open again and some dogs were outside for all or part of the night. I don’t really recall which dogs went out and when. I remember a mosquito following me back into my sanctum at some point. It will be dealt with.

Our walk was uneventful but warm as I was down to just winter shorts, T-shirt and open gilet at one point. I could feel warmth in the air rather than the chill which is often the hallmark of that time of day. Luis did very well at keeping with the others so should be mentioned in dispatches.

I rode over Panorama with a stop at Petrakis for carrots for the DD’s. I considered what I might eat later but decided I’d probably have enough loafing around. I ended up being fed by Litsa as I helped Manolis fix his boat door and they are always very generous about repaying any kindness. We ate Vlita, potatoes and courgettes. The Vlita is just coming into season so is fresh and tasty.

My morning was a mixture of departures, washing machine and general faffing around. I didn’t have a lot of time to waste so the dogs were on their own a lot but remained mostly quiet. I delivered the ChromeBook to the bar where I saw Panagiotis logging supplier invoices. He was triumphantly explaining the wonderful system he’d created so that Georgia could keep tabs on what was going on. I feel sorry for his innocence but I’m happy not to have to be involved. I would class such a task as unbefitting the station of the bar/restaurant manager. He might find it more difficult to allocate the time to such a mundane activity once things get busy.

He was telling me that the purchase of a more advanced restaurant ordering system is still in the balance. He’s contacted a number of suppliers so Georgia may decide to go ahead with one of them. However the servers will still carry the order to the kitchen which, in my view, defeats one of the main advantages of the system as this adds delay and the possibility of error. The idea is that the order is printed at the bar so drinks can be prepared, and in the kitchen simultaneously. Poor Panagiotis, another lamb to the slaughter pushing that huge boulder up the mountain! A mixed metaphor I know.

Manolis and I struggled to ease the sliding door on his boat. He’d removed the lower runner of the cabin door so needed someone on the other side to hold things and drive screws. I suggested a different approach which we adopted. He’s older than me and quite a big chap, so was cooking gently in the cabin whilst I was outside up in the cockpit. It seems that anything involving boats requires squishing yourself into uncomfortable positions and struggling with small fixings in difficult locations. I won lunch and even a doggy bag.

The lunch was curtailed by a customer departure and Litsa and Manolis had retired into siesta mode when I returned so it was a matter of collecting up my DB and leaving.

The remainder of the afternoon disintegrated into processing the DDs and a little camping admin following the weekend bookings. Bona tells me all of the accommodation has been cleaned except for M6 which still had customers.

Joy, I don’t have to prepare food this evening!

The hottest day of the year with a high over 27ºC. The next few days will be cooler with the possibility of a little rain tomorrow afternoon.

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