I was pleased as there were no evening arrivals and it was cooler due to the cloudiness and spattering of rain. It was good to be able to feed the dogs then retreat inside the van to eat without interruption.

Isabella went out at bedtime and Sasha came in. I went to bed and didn’t hear a sound from either of them even after my alarm went off at 04:30. It was windy and cooler so I resorted back to my dog-walking hoodie and a t-shirt. There was a lot of darkness as the moon wasn’t up but it appeared later as a delicate slice suspended in a dark-blue sky silhouetted against the black outline of the mountains. It was a wonderful sight however I couldn’t imagine the camera would capture the nuances of the colours and definitely not the atmosphere.

We accomplished our daily walking workout although Luis didn’t quite appear at all locations. The Crazies, instigated by Isabella, came racing past me as I attempted to negotiate a rocky path up from the Small Beach. They knocked me over so I banged my left arm and cut my left knee on the sharp, jagged rocks. I sat and muttered incantations surrounded by all of the dogs, before eventually regaining a vertical position to carry on the walk which was fortunately nearing its end. Isabella chases Sasha, who is more clumsy than she, with the pair of them racing, often in my direction. One or both knocked me off my feet due to a combination of size, weight and speed. I was unimpressed and they knew it. The others appeared concerned as they gathered around me.

I went to the bar to move the single WiFi AP from Bar (west) to Bar (east). There used to be two APs at the bar but I stole one to put it on the main bathroom roof to serve the Common Room and the motorhome bays. I swap the AP to the outside location in winter as the inside part of the bar and beach is little used. I also fixed the wonky camera and cleaned the lenses too.

As I was on yet another appointment with the dentist later, I went round to tell the punters and collect money from the UK couple and the Swiss. The latter will return to Grammeno on 11 June for the remainder of their stay on Crete. The young ladies walking the E4 had left the previous morning but had returned in the evening so sent me a message to this effect. They are hoping to adopt the sad little dog who spends much of his life lying in or outside of his kennel. The kennel, which is in a wire cage of meagre dimensions, is outside of the house adjacent to the Paleochora-Kountoura road. They plan to meet with the owners this evening but fly home on Monday so need to get a move on with the paperwork if successful.

I got changed and rode into Paleochora to find the dentist ready and waiting. I was early but my journey was longer as the road was closed due to a lump of rock which had fallen onto the carriageway. The excavator was working on some of the more difficult sections of the cliff. For me, it was a very short delay but the postman passed me as I left Grammeno and there was a number of cars queuing.

My treatment was fairly painless and an impression was taken so that a crown can be made ready for capping the stump next Friday at 13:00. The final triumph!

I’d no sooner left the dentist when my phone rang to reveal a Swiss number belonging to a family who spent a few days here around a month ago. I told them to go in and are now near Gabi and Manfred.

It was warm as I rode into Paleochora but now it’s cooler, windier and cloudier. Tomorrow will be much the same but Friday hopefully sunnier and warmer without the wind.

Cooler than yesterday which was the hottest day of the year. It will be a little windy tonight and the next day or so.


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