Rescue Mission

An extra dog arrived at the camping during the evening. She’s been rescued by a German couple who fell in love with her when they found her in her little kennel alone in a small cage. They went to see the owner and eventually secured her release for 350€. She’d been kept in miserable conditions so the vet, Georgia Loufadaki, shaved off areas of her coat leaving her with bald patches. They brought her back to the camping where she spent a rather disturbed night. We saw her being walked on the beach at six when we walked back from Plakaki for the first time. She is travelling back to Germany on Monday so will stay at the camping with her new owners until then. They only came for one night…

It was cooler but too windy. The moon has left us until the next full moon. There was a little excitement, very early in the walk as there was a tent and towels near to the entrance of the Promontory. A man emerged and I assured him he was quite safe when he expressed apprehension towards a doggy invasion. We passed by them several more times but they were probably none the wiser.

I went down to see the couple with the dog who were still out on the beach. She’s a Springer, a little overweight, having not had much exercise and very pleased to be removed from her solitary confinement. She’s certainly a very friendly dog so should settle down in a few days ready for her new life in Germany. Apparently, her new mistress works from home.

There was one expected arrival for T1 today but she is one of Georgia’s friends so just needed a key in the door. The two expected arrivals for tomorrow have had to cancel as one of the families cannot make it for unavoidable work-related commitments to do with the national election.

No one has left and there have been two arrivals: a Canadian couple and a Dutch couple who have already met twice before. They are both quite near to each other in the centre of the camping. There have been two washing machines for the Swiss family which arrived yesterday and the Dutch newly-arrived couple with the Land Rover Defender.

It was a little cold this morning and the southerly wind hasn’t helped. Tomorrow promises to be warmer with the same on Saturday morning. There is the possibility of showers on Saturday evening and night.

Cooler at first followed by a cloudy morning. The afternoon was sunny and warm.


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