At around 01:45 I was woken up by a short bark from a great big woolly dog outside the gate onto the field. I extracted myself from my bed, let Sasha in and then let Iera in from the field. There was not a sound from the others, Iera settled down and went to sleep, as did everyone else. The next event was the alarm at 04:30.

There was absolutely no wind to begin with although it freshened a little as time went on. Iera still has plenty of energy for a fifteen-year-old dog so was able to keep up with the others as we walked to Plakaki and back twice. A van arrived as we were walking back from the first time and parked in the beach car park. Otherwise, Frank had the place to himself.

We walked the Promontory again then started off for the second Plakaki visit. The dogs were ahead of me so I emerged to discover the occupant of the van shaking a blanket and all the dogs near to him. It was only when I got nearer that I discovered the dogs were surrounding his dog which was probably feeling a little overwhelmed by the seven of them. I called them to me and we continued, finally returning to the camping around seven-thirty.

I rode into Paleochora without any stops as I’ll go to Petrakis tomorrow morning. The morning had turned out to be quite pleasant so it was a nice ride back.

I fed the dogs, made some tea and went to collect keys for today’s arrivals. T5 cancelled leaving M3 for today and M6 for tomorrow. Not a very busy weekend so far.

Gaby and Manfred left to continue their trip saying goodbye to the other Gaby, the dog, named in her honour. They will be back at the end of October and into November.

I returned to the dogs for only a short while as the M3 family arrived so I settled them into their accommodation. So far, there have been no other arrivals but the tent couple have just left as they don’t really fancy camping in the rain.

The day became quite warm and I busied myself with some little jobs which included releasing the straps retaining the grey water holding tank. I noticed it’s still quite full of something so will try to flush it whilst it’s raining and dark as it’s likely to be unpleasant as the water is most likely stale. Other excitements were picking up poo and going for a shower!

I heard from Francesco in Italy, the family from last summer with the RIB powered by an electric outboard. I know they live in the area affected by the intense flooding so asked if they were affected. They have been affected but they’re ok and there’s been no property damage unlike many.

I was preparing to start feeding the dogs when a call came from a French couple waiting at reception. I put them in the 4m motorhome bay and left them to it. They didn’t seem interested in a tour of the camping in the rain, for some reason.

The dogs have been fed under the awning so Sasha is just going outside for a wander around to get nice and wet. Obi has just done his bit so will be happy until he’s let out tomorrow morning. Skinny is considering his options but will probably be brave and go out for a quick download.

It is now raining more intensely so hopefully, there will be no further arrivals today.

Warmer than yesterday and quite still after the early morning. There was sun earlier but through an overcast sky which gradually became greyer as the afternoon passed. The forecast was for rain around five and that’s about when it started. It’s not heavy rain, just wet! A wind has got up so I shall retreat within.


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