I finished off some cauliflower so didn’t go down to the kitchen yesterday evening. I found out later that the restaurant was officially open as someone said they had an enjoyable meal. Can’t have those waiters hanging around doing nothing.

It was just after 04:45 as we went out into the field. A stray dog was hanging around in the car park. It would appear his stake was not firmly in the ground so he was dragging it along together with what looked like a hefty length of chain. He started to run then the sound of the chain and stake spooked him so he disappeared into the darkness hopefully in the direction of home.

We completed our walk, visiting the rocks at Plakaki in the twilight. It was a clear morning although slightly cooler than the previous days. There were plenty of starts and Jupiter was hovering above the mountains ahead of the sunrise. Alonaki Beach was strewn with umbrella tops however the stalks had already been planted.

I took myself off to Paleochora after I’d fed the cats. Today, as I had more time, I went my normal route over Panorama and around the long way. There were no stops. I passed the Italian motorhome which has moved near to the port area above the town.

I had one check-out, the Italian guy with the motorbike. The other couple left later after their breakfast but they paid on arrival and only stayed one night. They plan to visit around the island.

I went back to feed dogs and drink tea then sit and do nothing for a while. Later, Georgia phoned to ask why I’d not shown up for food the evening before. I explained I had food prepared. She was about to start her induction session so wanted the new Windows laptop set up in the office. It was ready to go so I went up to unpack it and put it on the desk.

A motorhome arrived as she was in mid-session. I happened to be looking at the camera so was waiting for the phone call. It was a German couple who’d arrived from the Githion-Kissamos ferry via Elafonissi. They didn’t stay at Elafonissi as it was so crowded. They are down by the beach.

The afternoon passed quickly and I amused myself by buying a couple of switches from AliExpress. I readied the DDs and was waiting for their rice to depressurise when there was another phone call, this time from a French couple with a motorhome who are now next to Sébastien in bay 3. They say they plan to stay several days but didn’t seem that bothered being down by the beach.

It will be interesting to see how long the NMDB induction takes. There are some reservations for Saturday including a couple of rental tents. Toni was preparing an area and plans to put up the tents tomorrow.

I have gemista and potatoes for my meal tonight.

Cooler than yesterday but still sunny and warm. There could be some dampness tomorrow night but these things change all the time.

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