Soggy and Busy

There was rain in the night however the forecast assured me it would be dry until about ten so I got up to get ready to leave. Outside, just as I was about to release the dogs, I felt drops falling upon my person from on high. Further inspection confirmed lots of dark clouds with lightening flashes all around. It would seem the forecast was absolutely correct, just not for this particular location. I returned to my boudoir much to the disappointment of the dogs who were flashing quietly inside. I had another look outside but, just as I thought the rain was over, more started to fall. Finally, we were all sitting outside under the awning waiting for the rain to stop.

It didn’t completely stop but time was moving on so we left regardless. Rain, in one form or another, continued throughout the walk. It was quite a mild rain which varied in intensity. Nevertheless, we completed over 5km but gave up and went back when the precipitation intensified. I felt sorry for the guys at Azzuro as three of his umbrellas had been washed away but had fortunately been pushed up the beach a little way away.

Three umbrellas washed away to be found upturned further up the beach. Upturned umbrellas stranded on the beach in the distance.

I put the boys inside, made some tea and went to join the girls to drink it. Meanwhile, there was a text from a customer whose electricity had stopped working. I knew the problem so went to investigate before being called away to provide an electricity reading for departing customers who paid together as other family members were in T2.

Kartara, who I met at Petrakis the other day, came to collect the moggy with the eating problem. He had some teeth removed when he had his sterilisation visit but was very thin as he was in pain when eating anything he couldn’t lick or was very soft. He may spend some time with the vet depending on what they find.

Soon after, there was one arrival, a French couple with a sizeable motorhome. They needed to use their satellite so wanted to be somewhere away from trees. I put them up by the outdoor showers.

My next job was to set up the till in the mini-market but I was ahead of the game as I bought a cunning device last year which took little time to set up. Hopefully, the mini market till will be able to send information to the government taxation system (jobs for the boys).

Not very long after when it was raining, a German couple and an Austrian arrived almost at the same time. The Austrian has been parked up by the rockfall for a few days. He is opposite the kitchen and the German couple in bay five having convinced them it was a good spot.

I went back to process the DDs and put on their rice before another phone call to tell me there was no Internet in the office. After checking all the connections, everything is working again but I need to go up there to tidy up some of the redundant knitting.

The next phone call was for the washing machine for the French couple. They decided to go to reception to ask ignoring my advice to talk to me. They have a load in the machine so I’m quite keen to get that out before I declare this day officially over.

At lease the sun has returned after a day of cloudiness and frequent rain showers. No more rain is forecast for the next few days at least.

A wet start lead to a shortened and soggy not-so-early walk. The day continued cloudy with showers however less rain fell than forecast. Tomorrow and the next few days should be warmer and dry.

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