Hottest Day

An annoying mosquito managed to access my inner sanctum which caused me to wake up and stay awake for a little while having terminated it. There had been other incidents including some tented neighbours returning noisily, but they are young males… Also, there was music from a wedding or other celebration until around three.

The moon was shining as we crossed the field towards the two rental motorhomes parked one in front of the other on the beach road. There was also a car with a roof tent in the car park.

We completed our walk to Plakaki and found the roof tent occupants to be up as we set off up the beach again. They have a small dog which might have felt a little overwhelmed by to many dogs, all much larger than her. We said good morning and continued on our way.

We’d just finished our walk so were crossing the car park for the final time when we met Sascha and Zora out for a walk. We chatted briefly but Sascha was flying back to Germany to work so needed to get back. He mentioned his car had been stolen a week before they were due to leave Germany.

I put the boys inside then went to Paleochora via Panorama and the ferry terminal. There, I met the couple from Bay 5 waiting for their ferry to the east of the island. We chatted a while then I continued on as I had to collect money from Sebastian and see out the Austrian guy. I stopped at Anatoli to get a spinach pie for Bona.

Back at the factory, I left the pie for Bona, collected the money from Sebastian and saw out the Austrian guy just making it past a parked car near the entrance. I then returned to the office where I learned there was a problem with the Mini-Market till uploading its data. I went back to feed the animals.

Later, I took a wash for the Austrian couple and hung up some towels and sheets for Bona. These are now dry, folded and left in the storeroom for Bona to take to her lair.

I returned the washing and went for a chat in reception about the MM till situation. Georgia will contact the tech support guy on Tuesday as tomorrow is a holiday.

The remainder of the day was taken up with some loafing in the sun and some camping admin, producing the May summary as well as a new sheet for June.

I have a feeling at least two vans will leave tomorrow and, as of now, there have been no arrivals. I’ll need to rush around to collect money in the morning.

It’s safe to say that the camping is busy as all accommodation is booked again today. I understand the restaurant and bar have been well patronised.

The hottest day of the year so far with plenty of sunshine and a light breeze. Tomorrow is forecast to be about the same.

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