I kept the van door closed during the night which was a mistake as I woke up feeling stuffy despite the roof vent above being open. I was out of bed before four-thirty and we were walking soon after.

Two rental motorhomes were parked opposite the field obviously together as they were so close. They were appropriately sniffed and explored by the dogs before we moved on.

The moon was with us for a very short time before disappearing behind a bank of cloud not to be seen until tonight when it will be full.

There was a gentle breeze sufficient to annoy the mosquitoes but not quite enough. We crossed the rocks and did the first Plakaki rocks visit and back for the second round.

We walked just eight kilometres and met a guy in the car park with his car at around 07:15. He seemed happy to be surrounded by dogs as we passed the time of day.

My next move was to return overnight washing to the French then visit Paleochora via Panorama, Anatoli and Petrakis. I only went to get a couple of things from Petrakis but seem to have spent nearly 20€ all the same. Something to do with the price of bananas, broccoli and rice: almost everything really! The ride back to the camping was uneventful.

The rest of the day is a bit of a mystery really. I slept for some of it, did a very little tidying up during another part of it and welcomed a couple of new punters. One lot I stuck in Bay 2 but they will move to Bay 3 once Sebastian leaves in the morning. The others I’ve put in Kirsti and Jorma’s winter place which is less than salubrious give the mess in front of the workshop. Hopefully, something will be done with that before too long. A third arrival, a Greek couple who know the camping, chose to occupy a place right at the top out of the way.

I’ve collected money from two who are leaving in the morning. The German couple with the Mercedes who continue along the south coast via ferry stopping for a couple of hours at Agia Roumelli. They said it costs 100€ which I suggested was worth it taking into account the alternative drive north, east and then south again. Without considering the possibility of looking at the coast as you drift by.

The camping is busy due to the Holiday Weekend phenomenon as it’s the Pentecost celebration which I feel is more religious than National Holiday. Nevertheless, there are plenty of tent and accommodation customers who will be keeping Bona and her washing machine busy once they leave. Indeed, all of the accommodation is full and a couple will be changing over tomorrow. There are even rental tents of which Toni was erecting one earlier. I intervened to ask him not to put a second too close to me. I will suggest he thinks about a more convenient solution.

I’m hoping no more vans arrive or it’s going to be a problem trying to find somewhere to park them without sending them to the beach front as I have few options remaining.

I shall endeavour to get something to eat and call it a day.

Much warmer than yesterday and continuing the same for a few days at least.


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