D-Day +79

I was awake at four and was dressed by the time the 04:25 alarm sounded. There were no vehicles in the beach car park or the beach road. The moon was higher in the sky so I could see well enough using a torch only in the shadowy bits. Jupiter was hanging over the mountains to the east and the lights of Paleochora glistened in the distance. The sea was bathed in a silver light which reflected from the smooth surface. All quite pleasant really.

We walked as usual with no surprises other than Luis disappearing about halfway through but reappearing back at the van as I was putting the other boys inside. I now realise the field gate has been open all day and I’ve been out for a lot of it. I seemed to have the correct number of dogs when I fed them.

Today was the great handover day. The operation seemed to take forever to complete but I finally handed over the money and we discussed how the electric meter reading would be managed. I don’t want people calling me each time a motorhome checks out so suggested the app be installed on one of the phones so the meters can be read as needed. We have yet to cross that bridge…

One of the customers is leaving first thing in the morning so I said I’d come later to check them out. Bona presented me with a blue bowl of sheets to dry as she is snowed under. I feel that Bona is disappointed her assistant is not living up to her high standards and may not have the patience to manage her sensitively. Later, Bona called me to say she’d lost her earphones so she had me retracing her steps through a number of the cabins to no avail.

In consolation, I took a bag of dry washing to the ironing room and put a load of towels in the machine and then on my line. They are now almost dry. The machine is full of wet sheets which I’m about to remove and hang up as I know there are more sheets to be washed tomorrow. Every bit of accommodation was used at least once over the weekend. That’s a lot of towels and sheets to wash in one machine.

I checked out the punters and then took the money to the office to keep that straight. I went down to the kitchen where Georgia intercepted me. She was apologising about some communication failures but is expecting an inspection any day so a little stressed as she wants everything to be in order. I think I made it plain I just want time for myself as I have other stuff to do.

It’s 79 years since D-Day and the invasion of the Normandy Beaches.

There seem to be loads of mosquitoes about this evening.

Another hot day despite the forecast predicting it would be cooler.


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