Nearly Thirty

Lots of fidgeting in the night as there was some rodent activity outside as well as Sasha on her own.

The moon was hidden by a thick layer of cloud and only became visible once it was no longer needed. Luis managed to keep up and we all arrived at the right places at about the right time.

I rode into Paleochora to the bakery much later because I took down the towels which were slightly soggy after a short moisture intermission earlier. I then decided to hang up the next wash before leaving. It was a shorter ride but I also wanted to see off the last of the punters.

The morning was quite relaxing as the weather was fine and I had little to do except for the things I wanted. I relaxed into a mellow state to fiddle around achieving very little.

I eventually took down the second batch of towels and delivered them to the laundry room as I don’t have the key for Bona’s new abode. She found her acoustica which she’d had me running around looking for, so was happily listening to her music.

More cloud appeared in the afternoon which spurred me into getting a shower as it’s too hot in those cubicles when the sun is out: at this time of the year but not in winter when it’s just right.

I received a call from the Austrian couple who announced they would stay nearly to the end of the month as their daughter would be coming. They have consequently moved from Bay 2 to Bay 3 which was vacated earlier in the day. They wanted to go to that place from the outset as it is sunnier. They may regret that decision…

I went up to see Marisa to tell her about this and that I’d moved his electricity meter with him. I’ll sort out all the meters when the other guy leaves. We had a good chat about this and that and generally put everything right in the camping.

The dogs were getting noisy as it was coming up to their supper time and I’d not put on their rice before going walkabout. I gave Sasha a good telling off as she’d been making more racket than all of them put together! The trio included Luis (surprise, surprise) Oskar and Sasha, as lead singer. There are not many in the camping and I believe Georgia is under the weather.

I just need to wander down to the kitchen to see what excitements are in store for me and then we’re nearly done for the day.

The hottest day of the year with a temperature of 20.9ºC! Other than a little, light rain early this morning, it has been sunny and warm with just a bit more cloud in the afternoon. The next couple of days should be about the same.


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