A thin layer of patchy cloud was making life difficult for the moon but the general brightness of the sky enabled me to walk without a light for much of the time. Luis kept up but disappeared on his way back from Plakaki after the first visit to reappear after the second. At least he wasn’t wandering the camping.

There were no freeloaders except for Frank who we didn’t see. It felt quite warm after the second Plakaki visit so I planned to leave my heavy fleece on the fence post but then we ended up all going back to the van where I deposited Luis, Oskar and Obi but took Skinny out with the girls to finish off our walk. I managed to forget the bag of glass for the recycling but perhaps I’ll remember tomorrow.

Isabella ran after her ball but then hung onto it for the remainder of the walk to the end of the Promontory and back. There was no chance for Sasha to have a go no matter if I had twenty balls.

I rode over Panorama having passed a number of hikers, cyclists and other bods on the cycleway. The ferry was just leaving as I came over Panorama as I was a little later due to some important IT work for Simon.

There was a brief stop at Petrakis for some cabbage and bananas then back to the camping. It was still rather cloudy and not particularly warm.

I exercised my brain then fed the dogs before preparing the DDs for the pot. There were plenty of takers for the fresh cabbage leaves I was peeling off. All except for Oskar and Obi. With the DDs starting to cook, I sat down with a cup of tea to wait for Simon to come into the office for his conference call. I got him connected then left him so that I could meet the ACS courier who had a couple of network switches for me. They were delivered more quickly as I suspect they came from an EU warehouse.

Maria had some questions about the electricity meters so I went up to see her. There are now four of the five motorhome bays occupied as I see there is a French couple in bay 1. I was there to relabel the meters as the marker ink has faded over time. I spent some while labelling and naming the other meters so that all the management applications are consistent as this makes it much easier to keep track of everything. Hopefully, there will no longer be the need to call me to get the electricity usage as the motorhome customers leave. I think Marisa will probably take charge of this when Maria arrives. I put a meter on the German tent which has been here for a few days as I understand they’re likely to pay 5€/night otherwise! Better to get an understanding of their actual usage.

There is a rodent somewhere behind the refrigerator so I’m going to get out one of the traps and add to the population at the end of the Promontory. I don’t seem to have achieved many of the things I’d intended for today but there’s always tomorrow…

So far, there is only one reservation for the weekend however the next two weekends are busier as one is a holiday.

A little cooler than yesterday but still warm and sunny with the gentlest of breezes. The current trend should continue for the weekend at least.

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