I was actually asleep when the alarm went off! It was not remotely cold so I went out with the lightest of layers with my phone and remote on my shorts and torch and biscuits in my hand.

The Slovenians were still there and I suspect Skinny came back with a pot of chocolate spread of theirs. Heavily processed so Skinny was doing them a favour. There were tyre tracks going up the Promontory which ended up with a 4×4. The owner appeared shortly after but he was on the rocks higher up on his way back. He left soon after.

We walked our daily route then I took the girls out with the ball for some swimming and general running around. We accomplished both activities with plenty of everything and returned to the camping.

I rode to Paleochora with no need for stopping or shopping so was soon back at the camping whereupon I exercised my brain and fed the dogs. With the cat back from the menders, I have to feed him soft food as his teeth have not settled right down. Today, he’s had three little pouches of nice, soft pussy meaty stuff. He’s up for more but then he would be.

I sat down to drink my tea and play with computers at Wisdom Sports. (Inter Sport Haywards-Heath). I called and spoke to the manager who was returning from buying milk for the tea. We discussed the printer situation and I sent him some homework to complete which required restarting the printer in a very strict order. Since then, I’ve heard nothing.

It was becoming warm under the awning so I rediscovered the hooks and put the southern sunblocker back up. We will have to remember it’s there when we charge out of the door. I plan to remove the awning sides fairly soon as the weather should now remain dry until the end of October.

I received a call from Maria concerning meters but I convinced her everything was organised and she could relax. Soon after Marisa called with a message from Georgia that the till had tested as working asking me to check the wireless access point was working correctly.

I had some time out then went to the reception where I attached the network printer to the access point as a test. Marisa was present so I demonstrated that the printer was working as it should just via the WiFi and not the cable as before. I shall continue to monitor the printer until such time as Georgia returns with the till where we can try again.

The reception was quiet other than a couple of calls so we chatted and I played with the printer, as one does. I’d taken the precaution of putting the doggy rice in the pot before leaving so it was ready when I got back. I fed the dogs who are now crashed out in a state of repose underneath (Skinny) or all around (Luis and Isabella). Oskar is out on the decking, Sasha is probably under it and Obi is likely inside on the dashboard which he seems to favour.

I have watered everything including the neighbours so I plan to eat some of my lovely cauliflower with a large salad. Apparently, there is still food for staff, so I learned from Marisa, however the choice is limited and involves eating with everyone else at a specified time. Two activities which I’d prefer to avoid. The kitchen/restaurant will come back online on Wednesday.

A warm start to a warm and sunny day. Hopefully, there will be little or no cold or rain from now until the end of October. The Mediterranean Climate is so wonderful!


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