I’d forgotten to charge my watch so got up at 01:00 to put it on having left it on charge at bedtime. I woke up as I’d been listening to an interesting programme but unfortunately fell asleep. It was only when something with a louder sound level started that I woke up.

The morning continued the trend of warm and clear. The moon and Jupiter were close together with both still visible at 06:00 even though the sky was quite bright by then. The moon will put in one final appearance before being reduced to a thin sliver before the New Moon on 18 June. The Solstice is 21/22 June here in Crete.

Luis was slow so I inspected his paws to discover a stone wedged between his toes. He went racing off once I’d removed it. All dogs made it more or less to Plakaki although Luis and Oskar fell a little short. Still, biscuits for making an effort.

I took the Crazies out for some ball-throwing but Sasha carelessly handed Isabella the second ball and I couldn’t be bothered to wrest it from her jaws. We left the beach, went back over the rocks then to the camping. I exercised my brain going out to ride to Paleochora. The nice ladies accosted me to say the power was off. It was still only 08:15 so I guessed Marisa might not want a visitor to reset the breaker. I connected the ladies to another supply and went off on my bike.

The only stop was at Petrakis where I bought some bananas, ginger and oranges from the green grocery section followed by a couple of cans for Bona and a few for Moggy as all of the soft cat food has been consumed. He’s getting fish-based cat food for a few days.

After feeding the dogs I put on the DD’s, made tea and sat down for a while. The ladies from Tübingen were planning to leave around 11:00 so I had time to drink my tea and fiddle with the H-H computer.

The ladies went off for their ferry to Piraeus from Iraklion and so I saw them off the premises as I saw them in. I returned to fiddle around a little more and answer a one-star review from a customer who stayed in a small cabin but was eaten by mosquitoes as he couldn’t shut the door properly. To compound the problem, he didn’t get satisfaction when he complained at reception. I made suitably soothing grovelling noises.

Later, I went to collect the third network switch from reception delivered by ACS. I told Maria I was expecting the arrival of Hans and Erica with their motorhome and trailer. She dutifully called me when they arrived however I’d already spotted them in the reception camera.

I showed them a couple of places and they chose bay 4 where they are now installed after some shunting and grunting. Their trailer is under the trees by the entrance. They plan to stay well into the summer then return home. We talked about ways they could thwart the ninety-day rule which included leaving Greece and catching a ferry from Albania to Italy. That way, they will be moving from a non-EU country which should make things easier.

I fell asleep so the DDs were processed a little later but now the rice has completed. The dogs seem happy to laze in the sun in any event. The cicadas are chirping madly as more join the throng each day. They have decided summer is here to stay. Today seemed very warm although it was not the warmest day.

This weekend is going to be quite busy but not as busy as the following which is the second holiday of the month. Maybe MARIA will be with us by then. I told Maria not to hold her breath. She has created a little countdown calendar so she can mark off each day. She really does not enjoy being at reception.

Another warm and sunny day with a high of 30,3ºC. Continuing sunny but with a threat of thunderstorms on Friday/Saturday.


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