An Inspector Calls

Up and out of bed before the alarm we were soon on our way. Today, I was wearing just shorts and a T-shirt for the entire walk but it was warm with just the lightest breeze as we crossed the rocks.

The Slovenians were still present but they appeared to be packing up later so perhaps they’re moving on. Most of the vehicles were occupying the northerly part of the track nearer to Frank’s caravan. There was no pilfering today as far as I know.

We didn’t quite make it to Plakaki twice as I spotted someone reclining on one of the loungers during the second visit so rerouted the dogs up the beach to distract them with biscuits. I felt it would be unkind to destroy the solitude of the person on the lounger given the early hour and the calm sea.

I came out with the girls who entertained me with their antics. Isabella was swimming out after her ball and was returning when she spotted Sasha coming back with another ball. She immediately abandoned her ball and began swimming madly towards the beach whereupon she leapt from the water and charged up the shingle to where the ball had been thrown for Sasha. Meanwhile, Sasha was coming back with the ball in her mouth. Finally, Isabella picked up the ball dropped by Sasha and eventually swam back into the sea to retrieve the one she’d previously abandoned. Talk about controlling! She hung onto both balls until we were back in the camping. Evidently, she’d decided she’d had enough so was going to take charge of the proceedings.

I exercised my brain then rode to Paleochora to buy bread. Work continues with the demolition of the rockfall so I was sure to keep my eye on the excavator as I approached just in case some large rock were to come crashing down. I don’t know what the final plan is for the outcrop but it is a lot lower than it used to be. Removing the huge boulders from the road might be quite disruptive.

I fed the cat and dogs, made tea and sat down to have a rest. There was a call from Maria just to confirm the electricity meter situation as the English couple from Bath were departing from Bay 4. They’d not needed power as they have solar. Later, the German couple in the elderly Mercedes parked opposite the kitchen left but the guy helpfully took the meter up to reception. Maria sent him back down with it and I plugged it back into the power socket. He finally left via the other barrier followed shortly by the Swiss with the roof tent. Both couples were staying only one night yet managed to prolong it to three. Earlier, the French couple had left too. Tomorrow, the last two of the punters I parked will leave, the German ladies and the couple with the motorcycle on their motorhome. However, Hans and Erica, who were here back in May will arrive to possibly take up their previous location, recently vacated by the Swiss. That said, there are two vacant motorhome bays.

I went up to the office to reacquire the WiFi access point and learned from Maria the government inspectors were in town so likely to call. I made myself scarce as they’ve already seen me on previous visits. I think they are yet to call so may arrive tomorrow.

There are many more cicadas chirping merrily away although I don’t really hear them as they blend into the background. I heard a cuckoo again yesterday. Its unmistakable call could be heard in the late afternoon.

A little cooler than yesterday but with plenty of sunshine and warmth.

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