Long Walk

The morning dawned calm and warm. The dogs seemed to be too. Maya insisted on greeting me in my bed which, although very considerate of her, was not absolutely necessary.

The only dog without a light was Maya and they all had collars. I had two remotes with me, one with only one dog on it. We achieved our Azzuro/Plakaki trips and three times over the rocks then I took the girls out again. We had four balls, one of which was split. It survived a few throws and was then abandoned. Isabella went out into the sea after a ball a couple of times then we moved to the sandy bit at the end of the Promontory for more enhanced ball-throwing activities. They were all puffing hard as we regained the van and I went to Paleochora to buy bread. The bakery was full of tourists cluttering the place up whilst buying fancy mourning goods.

I’d set the recorder to see if there was any howling but all was quiet upon my return and during my absence. The nice man at the post office called to tell me of a package with 7,20€ to pay which I said I’d collect tomorrow. I think another package was delivered today which contained yet another network switch. There has been no notification from reception and I cannot be bothered to go there to collect it anyway.

I spent much of the day installing Windows 10 on Till_05 now Till-05 as Microsoft doesn’t want to use the underscore _ in hostnames anymore. One of the biggest problems is configuring TeamViewer for remote access and it seems that, whichever installation option is used, there’s still no facility to set up easy access from my account.

Bona called to say there was no electricity in the laundry which I discovered was due to the main breaker tripping. Why I know not. I restarted the washing machine, made sure the boiler was working, checked the ice machine and left.

As for the dogs, this morning, Maya was offered the food she had little interest in last night. She ate a little and Isabella got the remainder. Poor, starved little creature she is. At teatime, Maya was much more enthusiastic about her food. I’d given her a smaller amount but she left only a few grains of rice for the hopeful Isabella.

Whilst out, the girlies played vigorously and the boys just kept out of the way. Skinny found something to gnaw on but was not in the mood for sharing even though the odds were against him. Sasha and Maya have been fooling around on the decking with Isabella looking on. Considering how far they walked and ran, I would expect them to be more tired. I’ll have to try harder tomorrow morning.

The kitchen provided me with a good helping of fassolakia which was a relief after pasta and quite a pleasant sauce. I think the punters must have eaten all the more interesting food.

Isabella is lying at my feet, Luis is barking occasionally at something in the distance and Sasha and May are still playing together. Oskar is watching Luis in case he require support in the barking department. I think Skinny and Obi are inside.

Only 0,2ºC warmer than yesterday but sunny and not windy. The next few days are predicted to be warmer and sunny.


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