The Calm…

I let Maya in around three as she’d found something to bark at outside. She quickly understood that barking in the night was not high on my list of desirable activities. She has been on her own for too long and has forgotten how to be a dog. She’s absolutely crazy and tries to be everywhere at once poking her nose into everything. Isabella is discovering that Maya is less compliant than Sasha who is prepared to back down in moments of conflict. I left Maya and Isabella to it when they were fussing over something whilst we were out. It will be interesting to see how things develop when Isabella finds she’s not just going to back off.

Warmth pervaded at getting up time so I didn’t really need the thin fleece I’d put on however it helped to keep the mosquitoes at bay as we walked the Promontory. For some reason, Luis was very slow so I gave up waiting for him and continued to Azzuro and Plakaki.

He eventually caught up but not enough for biscuits with the others which I served on my way back. The ladies were less active this morning however Maya tends to stick close to me so I have large dogs occasionally stepping on my feet and running into my legs. Eventually, the novelty of Maya will disappear and she will become for independent.

Otherwise, the first part of the walk ended uneventfully whereupon we set out, this time with the girlies. We lost two balls to the sea due partly to a timing error throwing into the water then in the opposite direction for Sasha. Isabella is now wise to this ploy so abandoned her ball which had the wind behind it as it disappeared into the distance.

She is becoming more reasonable about dropping the ball(s) probably because I’m becoming more insistent about ensuring she does. I think she realises she cannot easily thwart technology. We puffed our way back to the camping after some vigorous running around and splashing in the lagoon.

I set off for Paleochora where I visited the post office to pick up a package, the cameras for the kitchen and the office. There was a small amount of money to pay mostly thanks to the imaginitive completion of the customs label by the vendor. My next stop was Petrakis for bananas and some Hell for Bona. She appears to be drinking it quite quickly so I suspect she’s giving it to her little fiends. The price of the ghastly stuff has gone up to 1,30€ a massive 0,10€!

I escaped a holdup at the roadworks as I was the last to pass before they blocked the road, presumably to chuck more rocks down from the top. All was quiet on my return so I fed the creatures and got on with the DDs.

I spent much of the morning progressing Till-05 at H-H. There were some drivers to find and a licence to install. I don’t really appear to have done much else today other than that and the DDs.

Toni has been busy putting up rental tents as there are no less than nineteen check-ins tomorrow for the holiday. Some of the tents are closer than I’d like them to be so he will have to field any complaints from the customers who’ve been forced to stay nearby.

It was twenty-eight as I rode to Paleochora this morning. The day has been very sunny and warmer than yesterday. The next days may be warmer still.

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