As I write this, the Solstice is around forty-five minutes away.

My evening amusement was with Lewis and Hathaway solving another double-murder with various twists and turns. They got their lord in the end as well as half the family and servants. I retired to my boudoir soon after as I was falling asleep. The place was knee-deep in dogs just for a change.

The Early Walk was warm and not too pest-infested as a gentle northerly breezed hindered the mosquitoes. In fact, I’ve noticed a decline in the number of mosquitoes inside the van recently and have a theory as to why that might be. The passage of time will prove or disprove as may be.

The bulk completed the standard walk and the girlies went out on the enhanced section which involved three balls although we came back with four: the one that was broken and abandoned yesterday. Furthermore, we found one of the balls from yesterday which had drifted off to be washed ashore on the Small Beach. Maybe the other will turn up too.

Isabella is getting a little better at sharing and a lot better at releasing the ball or balls. To reduce the frenzied behaviours at the beginning of the walk, we’ve taken to a few moments of contemplation before embarking with me holding the thrower and the balls. We released the first ball near where the Czech motorhome was parked in the car park.

The ploy of throwing the ball into the sea and then throwing one for Sasha no longer works. Isabella has grown wise to this so swims back abandoning the ball to the waves. Not that there were any this morning.

We did lots of racing around in the lagoon area then returned to the camping for more quiet contemplation before I rode to Paleochora to buy bread.

The bulk of the day has been taken up progressing the Wisdom Sports Till-05 computer which is now in service as a second-line device. I’m encouraging the manager to ensure that all of their tasks function in W10 so that we can consider deploying the install elsewhere.

It has been fairly hot with an under-awning temperature of 36,5ºC and only slightly cooler outside. I shall look out the west sunblocker and consider removing the awning side.

I had my first alfresco shower late afternoon. There were some leaks and perhaps the shower rose would benefit from descaling. An otherwise pleasant experience.

Looking at the calendar, I can see that eleven of the check-ins have arrived: assuming the calendar is up-to-date. The reception staff will have their first experience of business over the next couple of days. I’m ignoring the tents which are to the north of me so they will have to put up with whatever transpires. The tents are not as close as in previous years but I still don’t consider this a good location for rental customers to be thrust into. Those who own their tent have the option to up-sticks and relocate if they find the location disagreeable.

The moment of the Solstice has passes so all our days will be shorter until December. Some consider the Solstice to be the first day of summer and I’m sure there are plenty who will be performing age-old rituals to celebrate.

The hottest day of the year so far. The morning breeze was fortuitous as is the evening one which makes everything more comfortable.

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