Hottest Day

Petra was surprised when I came to get my meal so late. I explained I’d been busy with washing and ice machines as well as sorting out laundry for my penultimate customer of the season. In fact, they were the last to receive washing before the machine stopped working almost immediately it was started. The ice machine was turned off as an attempt to discover which device was tripping out the RCD breaker on the electrical panel. Bona’s going to need to do lots of washing after the weekend so I hope something happens. As for the ice machine, I’ve not been to see whether it’s working or not.

I went later to bed as I became involved with more YouTube videos having watched another episode of The Royal on ITVX. I’m still using the free subscription and have never seen a single advert!

It was another warm night so the Three Crazies opted to remain outside. That was until one of them started barking at something outside in the camping. There are members of a group staying over so I suspect some were around late/early depending how you look at it. I called, and the three of them dutifully came in. I returned to bed and to sleep until the alarm.

The Czechs are still in the beach car park, a 4×4 with Greek plates was parked along the road and the Dutch are still keeping Frank ‘company’. Another van was in the car park as well as a car. Bodies were draped over some of the Grammeno sunloungers.

There was some wind which kept the mosquitoes guessing and cooled things down a little. It was really rather pleasant to be walking over the beach to Azzuro/Azurro/Azzurro depending on how you care to spell it. There we found some bodies in the sand, awake and chatting in English even though they were not English. The dogs ignored them and they the dogs. They were gone when we came back the second time.

I took the girls out with three balls and we managed to return with two although not the same as we set off with. They played in the sea and swam/ran after the balls and lost one on the rocks above the lagoon through careless throwing.

I rode into Paleochora having sent a text to Maria in reception with information regarding the departure of my penultimate customers. The aim was to avoid her calling me and to ease the passing of the punters through the check-out. Having seen them in, I wanted to see them safely out. Maria does not like her job in reception which is why I gave her all of the information to ensure it was easy and as painless as possible for both parties.

As it turned out, she was there when I came back from shopping in Petrakis and they had yet to see her. I pointed her in the direction of my information text and left her too it. I took my leave of the punters and went back with my bike.

I unloaded my shopping which included 60kg dog food and 28 cans of Hell for Bona, four with me and the other twenty-four to be delivered with the dog food tomorrow. Saves me lugging cans back with me from there and depleting their store stock. It seems the ‘classic’ version of the product is popular. For me, it’s the antipathy of all that is horrid but Bona drinks the stuff to avoid caffeine in coffee form.

I made up the DDs, distributed raw cabbage to the masses and sat down with a cup of tea.

The morning was exceedingly inactive. Later, I sorted out Ginger for whom I’d bought a little packet of specially small and nutritional food for kittens. We spent some time playing together and he eventually fell asleep on my lap.

The remainder of the afternoon was processing the DDs and some other small tasks which had been a long time outstanding. There was also a visit to Litsa who gave me a load of lemons as well as some oranges. It’s good to have my stock replenished and I can put them in the big, customer fridge.

There appear to have been some arrivals with more to come tomorrow. It’s possible that one of them might actually be the long-awaited MARIA!

It wasn’t as windy as forecast but there were still some moments. It’s been hot and sunny so the ideal weather for beach and camping. There are still some to arrive but only a couple tomorrow.

The hottest day of the year with some wind which took off the edge. Tomorrow will be calm so it could feel very warm!


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