A Quick Erection

Abortive attempts to get in contact with me thanks to the Apple Focus facility. It’s possible to program your devices to reject communication attempts during certain periods of the day. For example, you cannot call me whilst I’m out walking the dogs. My phone will not ring in the evenings. Georgia’s calls and messages fell upon deaf ears. She only wanted to say the cameras were not working. The reality was that her phone had a problem as the cameras were fine. She is going away for a few days apparently.

We walked and the dogs scattered some carelessly abandoned rubbish on the beach. I found lots of poo and Luis was a little lazy but not malevolently so. I noticed Obi was lagging behind with Oskar. I think it was the warmth that was making them slow down. They were all out for over two hours and the girls had an extra forty-minutes. That way I should be able to get a calm and reasonably undisturbed day. Difficult when the group is doing silent, meditative things close by. The group have departed now anyway.

I rode to Paleochora for bread and then a quick swim on the way back. It was quick as I left a lot later than I’d intended and I knew the group would be starting up around ten.

The morning raced past. I was very unproductive. I summoned up the energy to put up the head unit for the air conditioner in the afternoon. I want to see how it works out in day-to-day use before running cables and copper pipes for the electricity and refrigerant respectfully. It this position, it should be efficient whilst not being a hazard to shipping. I can easily sit down and get up with no danger of banging my head. The thing has a plastic outer case so it doesn’t matter anyway.

I’ll come up with some way of covering the shelves behind but plan to seal off the roof light which should reduce the entry of dust as well as put some plastic dangly strips over the doorway to reduce the amount of heat/cold escaping outside. We need to be able to go freely in and out during the day. Hopefully, the dogs will wish to remain inside more as it will be cooler/warmer than outside where they might get into mischief.

The unit is definitely not 2m from the floor nor is it 20cm from the ceiling. The distances at the sides are within specification. The pipes and power can go down the back of the shelves, down the corner and through the floor outside to where the compressor unit is standing.

All the noisy bits are outside with only a fan and a heat exchanger indoors. Modern systems should make little racket as they are more efficient and run only as fast as needed to deliver the required indoor temperature. The fan speed gently increases/decreases as required.

Tomorrow, I have doggy dins to think of as well as contemplate the installation of cameras in the kitchen and reception. I should order some cable I suppose.

It was warm and sunny although cooler than yesterday but virtually windless. I expect the beaches were busy.

I’ve still not been to see MARIA, perhaps tomorrow. Give her time to settle in and get to know Marisa.

Cooler and airless with plenty of sunshine. Another perfect day for the beach. Bona has a good drying day tomorrow but I understand her side-kick is planning to leave at month’s end.

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