The Dance of the Sugarplum Fairies was taking place on the decking around four so I was up and dressed before the alarm went off. The three girls were outside and the sisters were performing ballet on the decking making sleep a thing of the past. Not that it mattered as there were no customers nearby.

We stormed out into the field and today I didn’t wait for Luis to amble across to join me. He remained invisible until he turned up at Azzurro for the second visit. He even got his biscuits.

We stumbled upon some maggots near the Small Beach but the dogs took no notice. The girls came out for over an hour after the others were in so that I could wear them out. Isabella was rushing about madly and the others to a lesser extent. Sasha is fairly reliable at swimming out after the ball and mostly brings it back. Maya is keen but lacks technique. Isabella is getting slightly better at sharing especially when she’s puffed. Needless to say, she was tired at the end so I’ve not seen her all day. All of them were quiet.

I rode to Paleochora to get some potatoes and bananas then for a quick swim and loaf on the beach in the sun for a little while. All very exhausting . I finally went back to feed the dogs and make the DDs.

I spent the morning researching a new consumer unit as the present setup needs upgrading and expanding. The air conditioner needs a fuse of its own and two circuits is really not enough. My research has been fruitful just that I’ve not ordered anything yet.

I spoke to Janne. They’d noticed the group on Saturday evening and someone had spirited away the bench which I found near to where a noisy party set up their BBQ. I removed their stuff and replaced the bench to it’s normal location in front of their van door. At the same time, I watered the plants and moved a couple back so they get less sun.

The DDs have been processed and the rice is absorbing water. The dogs are quiet so should be left to lie.

It has been a hot day and slightly warmer than yesterday. The trend is likely to continue for the next few days.

Other than a quick support call with Simon, it’s been very undemanding today.


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