Last Departure

Sasha was chewing a stick on the decking so I got up and dragged on my shorts as chewing a stick on the decking is quite a noisy activity at 04:05.

We managed to get out of the gate in good time but there was no sign of Luis so I went back to find him sitting on the decking in an apparent trance. He followed me out, kept up reasonably and finally appeared at the second biscuit stop.

It felt very warm so I removed my t-shirt and paddled in the sea on the way to Azzurro. Soon after, the dogs were joining me in the sea but we finally made it for the next stop.

I couldn’t find Luis and Obi and Oskar seemed quite slow too. The second trip to Azzurro degenerated into a stick-throwing event for the girls. There were waves and the stick was waterlogged so often difficult to see. Isabella swam out with Sasha but were not able to retrieve it. We didn’t make it to Azzurro but returned to the camping instead.

I fed Moggy then took the girls out with the balls as they still seemed to have plenty of energy. Certainly, Isabella was almost manic! She has become noisy, producing little squeals of delight and fussy noises when we’re getting ready to go out. My current plan is to modify this behaviour as it’s becoming a problem.

We are now sitting down quietly waiting for the ball to be thrown rather than leaping around wildly and shrieking loudly waiting for the ball. Furthermore, Maya joins in with loud barking and Sasha dances around in unison. It’s a work in progress.

It was windier so I decided to postpone my visit to Paleochora until it subsided. Later, I received a message from Hans and Erica to say goodbye so I went to see them to say goodbye. They are heading to Kissamos where they catch the Githion ferry tomorrow before working their way back to Switzerland. They are the last of my Winter 22/23 customers who came to the camping in mid-May then returned at the beginning of the month.

I used my absence to visit MARIA and Marisa in the reception. They reminded me I’d agreed to print a replacement sign for the office door with the camping’s mobile number for when it’s unattended. I played with Kira but customers were arriving and the dogs were awaiting their breakfast so I left.

There was little left of the morning but I found time for tea and a little relaxation before setting off to Paleochora to drop off a USB C charger to Manolis to return to Chania. MARIA picked up the wrong charger when staying with a friend in Chania. I then bought a loaf and stopped for a quick swim at Alonáki before going back to find the dogs. They were quiet whilst I was in the water as I think they found it too warm even to bark.

The inmates of M4-6 had helped themselves to Janne’s bench which generally resides on the plinth in front of their van door during their absence. I’d found it being used by the inmates to store their drinks the previous morning and had returned it to its rightful place. This morning, I was amazed to discover they’d again helped themselves to it to support their cast iron BBQ. I felt it wouldn’t be easy to remove the BBQ to reclaim it so left it.

Later, I messaged Marisa to suggest someone visit the people to get them to replace the bench as I considered their behaviour totally inappropriate. One might hope they’d get the hint when the bench was reclaimed, not immediately go onto someone else’s decking to ‘acquire’ it once more! What cheek! Needless to say, MARIA went round and put them straight and was not sympathetic when they asked for a ladder to reclaim their football lodged on the shading roof above their cabin. They have been less noisy so far this evening…

The three cabins are booked in the same name, according to the calendar, so I suspect there is a certain amount of competition on the part of the male members to show their prowess. Being put in place by MARIA can’t have been easy to swallow…

Even though it’s nearly seven and the doggy rice has been ready for a while, they are all flaked out in different locations and are not fidgeting about demanding food. I suspect things might change once I get up to prepare their food but for the moment, silence reigns.

The warm weather has made us all lethargic, especially in the morning. The boys were content to spectate from the beach as the girls swam around rescuing sticks. I didn’t record during my cycling and swimming absence so don’t know if there was any noise during that time.

Warmer than yesterday by 0,1ºC but much windier until now when it’s almost still. Similar weather is predicted for the next few days. It seems that summer is finally with us to stay.

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