We managed to leave by 04:30 although I had to try to coax Luis into joining us as he finds it a little warm. There was a stiff, northerly breeze which cooled things down nicely as we crossed the rocks and walked to Azzurro. This made the walk very pleasant so my t-shirt remained attached to me.

During the second visit to Azzurro, I discovered a couple of maggots, one on the shingle, who’d most likely been there since the evening. Luckily, I kept near the sea or may have fallen over one of the maggots in the dark. The dogs were uninterested in them and vice-versa.

I returned all of the dogs then came out with the girls. We’d made good time so were back around seven-thirty. Luis had belatedly returned whilst we were out so was singing nicely to the campers. Why, I know not as he was just the other side of the gate from the others. Still, we’re talking Luis here…

I loafed around with a cup of tea then rode over Panorama and back to Alonáki for a quick swim. Whilst swimming, there was a call from MARIA concerning electricity meters as she is unaware that meter-reading is now self service. I went back to the dogs to pick up poo and shower having externally redistributed the aforementioned.

Another cup of tea followed and I gradually lost interest in doing anything active. Time passed and I woke up from a deep sleep not knowing whether it was Christmas or Easter but soon caught on. There have been useful activities: the grey water tank has been dragged towards the field where it will be allowed to dry out. I have measured, so know it’s possible to locate the air conditioner outdoor unit on the van roof under the metal one. I have also ascertained there are conveniently located holes which can form the basis of a larger hole for the pipes and cables. I have learned that moving a mini-split is super-easy and just a matter of getting the unit to pump the refrigerant back from the head unit into the outdoor unit. No loss of refrigerant, just a matter of relocating the unit and sucking out all of the air before releasing the coolant into the pipes again. Some new joints would be a good thing though. I’ve relocated my pipe flaring tool which will be used to make the pipe connections. Just a matter of buying some copper pipe although I have some from a gas job. If only I can find it and it’s the correct size…

I have finally concluded the source of the mosquito invasion which plagued me until recently. Until I removed the grey water storage tank from under the rear of the van, I was plagued by mosquitoes. Not just a few but loads of them. Since removing the tank, the number of mosquitoes in the van has reduced to a manageable level. Just one or two. Previously, there were dozens either flying or waiting ready to pounce. As soon as I emerged from under my mosquito net, they attacked with all guns blazing. Now, I can watch the box in the evening in comparative tranquility.

The grey water tank had been periodically backing up requiring the occasional back-flush with the hose. This seemed to allow all of the liquid inside to escape. Having been captive, the liquid, which was mostly water, became stale which produced an unpleasant odour. Now, the waste pipe from the kitchen sink, the only drain still in use, empties directly into a plastic pipe which discharges into the flowers. As a result, no more hordes of mosquitoes. Problem solved! Almost, anyway, as I have now to completely empty the tank and allow it to dry out so as to become totally unattractive to female mosquitoes. I plan to block all the holes and leave it in the sun. Female mosquitoes lay their eggs in any convenient, still water. The eggs hatch to eventually produce more mosquitoes. I had created a wonderful mosquito farm!

Cooler than yesterday with a welcome breeze early and later in the day.

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