Warm and Windy

We left at 04:30 to find a car with lights on parked or just leaving the track at the top of the beach. The car soon left when we appeared and was most likely there for some nefarious purpose. Why else would you be driving your car to the beach at 04:30?

I decided Luis could be responsible for himself as I wanted to keep track of the others to make sure no rubbish bins were trashed or the ABB site visited.

There was a stiff, southerly breeze as we crossed the rocks but the sea was still in the right place so no wet feet. One maggot was asleep in the middle of Alonáki Beach having left his van on the track next to another. Both vans were Greek registered. We went to Azzurro and came back on the beach. No paddling was necessary as it was plenty cool enough.

We were well ahead of ourselves so I didn’t turn off the lights until we were going back over the rocks. I’d discovered that Sasha’s collar had been left on since yesterday so was flat, to my annoyance. I think she must have realised as she took herself off at one point.

The girls went out to play with the ball. We lost another one today. They blend in with the sand so become difficult to find especially when Isabella abandons them as she always wants to be in control of the balls. Sasha is quite keen on the ball and Maya just contents herself with dashing after Isabella on a fool’s errand.

I rode straight to Anatoli and then to Petrakis, mainly for rice and carrots for the DDs. I passed the canned drinks department and picked up some Green orange drink for me. Six cans last quite a while. I knew that Bona would have plenty of Hell as there were twenty-eight 500cl cans last Friday. I later discovered only one remained!

The work on the rockfall worked well for me in both directions as I managed to arrive just as the truck was driving off to unload. The piles of rock on the road are gradually disappearing however there are still some seriously large boulders to take care of.

I stopped for a quick swim as I had frozen chicken with me which needed the freezer. I was soon back at the camping shovelling food into the dogs and getting on with the DDs.

I managed other things as well as the DDs. I emptied my bog after almost three months of use. I drained some of the water out of the grey water tank and picked up and disposed of lots of poo.

It has been quite warm despite the wind which got up from midday onwards. There is one more day and July will be upon us!

There was one arrival today and then several tomorrow so the weekend looks quite busy. Looking forward into July and August. The former still has plenty of orphaned spaces but August is pretty well booked up except for some rental tents. September looks a little bare at present and there’s nothing for October except one departure on the first.

Not quite the hottest day of the month although plenty warm enough with some wind to keep the temperature down


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