Farewell June!

Luis managed to take charge of himself. He might not have arrived everywhere or at the same time as the others, but he did his short-legged little best. He was sloping off to visit the bar and restaurant at one point but Isabella spotted him so I was able to reel him in via his collar.

Other than an early encounter with Kostas who was out collecting salt, as you do, at 04:45, the other encounters included a sleeping maggot on the beach and some other bod wandering around near his vehicle. What are these people doing up at this time of the morning?

The girls appeared less enthusiastic this morning. Following some initial excitement and a swim out after the ball, Isabella hung onto the ball until we were near the end where she and Sasha raced after it a couple of times. I threw it into the sea from Alonáki and then we went back to the camping.

I extended my brain and answered a punter email for February ‘24. Someone wants to come with a motorhome and a dog for some reason.

I rode over Panorama and around Paleochora without any stops other than the roadworks where I was one of the first to arrive. I sat down on the convenient seat and had a brief conversation with the nice lady who controls the traffic. Apparently, there is a couple more months work where they plan to take down much more of the cliff and remove big rocks. Call me boring, but now it looks a little over the top. A French couple appeared who were walking to Krios. I suggested that 20km was quite a way when visiting Krios and recommended Grammeno Beach where there’s a bar and a convenient restaurant.

I restocked the dog biscuits then fed the dogs before making tea for me. Panagiotis has slipped nicely into the role of Georgia’s lapdog and appears to have gone the way of all the others. It looks as though she’s broken him down and he’s simply serving his time until remission grants him the freedom to lead a normal life like the remainder of society. I was asked to reduce the customer network download speed to 2mbps and the upload to zero. This is to optimise upload for the cameras. I was later asked to increase it to 10mbps but block streaming download traffic to save bandwidth.

Unfortunately, the cameras I ordered came up so I had to confess to them arriving with the remainder of the gear. I sent off a detailed report outlining the additional work requirements for installing the cameras in the kitchen and reception. This is not a job I’m rushing to do as it’s something for the winter months if at all. I’m not too happy with the prospect for a number of reasons. One of which is I feel I’ve done enough so should be left in peace for a couple of months to recuperate.

I’ve now been asked, via Panagiotis, to stop all network traffic on the customer network to do with streaming. This is not an easy task as there is only one network for both the Internet and the cameras. If the cameras are such a priority, they should be separated out away from the Internet on a network of their own. This is a recurring theme about this time of the year and we keep going around the same loop. I do not anticipate any likelihood of a different outcome so will not waste much time.

Whilst out this morning, I found a small purse containing a little money and an insignificant-looking key. The last time I found something, it was a mobile and the owner drove Antonis around the bend trying to get it back. This time, I’ve suggested giving my number and have the person come to Grammeno to pick it up if they succeed in convincing me they’re the rightful owner. I’ve not yet heard back from Antonis.

I’ve reinstated the western sunblocker as it gets rather warm in the late afternoon. It’s amazing what a difference it makes. It was easy enough to do as it was put away in an accessible location so simply needed sliding onto the awning rail and attaching to the hooks installed last summer. There are elastic straps with balls on the end which simply stretch onto the rings. I might fix up a similar arrangement for the southern one to provide more shade on the decking. At present, this is in a vertical position which makes it more robust when it’s windy but offers less shade and is less convenient. The rings/hooks screwed into the decking are quite inconvenient in their current location.

I’ve been updating the LBS computers and checking for viruses. I’ve also been doing some stuff for EG now that Microsoft has decided to limit the number of free accounts on their not-for-profit Office 365 offering. I ran out of accounts when setting up a new user the other day. It’s more of a case of making better use of the available accounts than anything else.

Cosmote, who generally drive me berserk with messages reminding me my account needs topping up appear to have changed their practice to issuing a 24-hour notice followed by another saying all your credit has been lost. Very handy! Not that I care much as the smallest package gives me more than I’ll ever use in a month as my requirements are limited. At this point in time, I don’t see the need to place any calls and don’t really wish to be contacted. In any event, incoming calls continue for quite a while before being blocked. My monthly package cost something like 7,5€ so not a deal-breaker. Anyway, I’ll not bother to top up until I need to, so there!

The camping has filled up for the weekend and there are more arrivals tomorrow.

The day started quite cool with a gentle, northerly breeze. It continued to be warm and sunny. I suspect July will be warmer…


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