Rucking Fodent

Welcome to July

It was just before 05:30 as we crossed into the field and out onto the track. There were no vehicles in the car park or within view. A fishing boat was off the Promontory as we crossed the rocks.

There were three vans along the road including Frank. It seemed dark so perhaps the mornings are getting darker. The dogs were still flashing when we got to the top of the rocks on the way back from Azzurro.

There were no maggots on the beach when we could see as the two vans have now left. Just Frank, the Dutchman and a Greek registered van. I took the boys back and the girls out for a race around with the ball.

We were back just after seven-thirty with the three of them puffing and wet. I’d achieved my aim.

I rode to the bakery and back with no delay at the roadworks then to Alonáki for a quick swim and back to the camping. It was getting warmer and windier as the sea had been flat calm earlier.

I fed the dogs and made some tea then collapsed into my chair for a bit of a rest. A while later, the urge took me to remove the east and part of the south awning sides.

The remainder of the day was taking down the Thule sides and putting much of the clutter into the disused kennels. Not one of my favourite jobs but it needed doing.

I was assisted by the dogs who took it in turns to lie wherever I needed to walk so I got plenty of exercise walking around them and stepping over them. The bulk of the clutter is now out of the way so I just have to steel myself to finishing it off.

Steffi and Sasha came to the camping to have a look around. They saw Litsa and Manolis and we had a bit of a chat as I found them as I was on my way to the kitchen. Strangely, we were talking about composting toilets amongst other things.

I eventually got my food which is now reheated so ready to eat. There is an annoying rodent which is very acrobatic as it’s able to climb into the lockers above the sink. I’m hoping it will get too brave for its own good and Skinny will kill it.

There is lots of cheering and clapping so I suspect there is some group or special event on today. The camping is quite busy and there’s an annoying motorcycle which keeps driving in and out of the camping. MARIA is usually pretty good at keeping them parked in one place away from their accommodation. She might be too busy to enforce her usual rules.

Monthly summary for June 2023
Cooler than yesterday and quite breezy.


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