Mystery Solved

Lots of activity out and about early this morning. By coincidence, a car decided to leave the car park just as we emerged onto the track at around 04:30. There was slight excitement which was swiftly dealt with.

The Promontory was empty although some people arrived and sat on Alonaki Beach for a little while. There was a car in the beach car park which didn’t appear to have residents and no maggots were found.

Some new vans had replaced those recently departed along the track. They were explored by the dogs until I brought them to me. Most of us made it to Azzurro and most of us came back. I forced them to stick with me on the foreshore as I didn’t want them wandering around too much.

We, including Luis, completed the second assault of Azzurro and returned to the camping where there was a slight delay before departing with the Crazy Bitches. We managed to lose another ball fairly early on in the proceedings and Isabella hung onto the other. I didn’t argue with her about it.

After an interval, I rode to Petrakis to collect some carrots and courgette for the DDs. On my return, I prepared the aforementioned and then drank some more tea.

I was a little lacking in energy having cleared a load of clutter the previous day. There’s more to go when the urge next takes me. I did little during the morning but later took pity on Bona who is now on her own until the new woman starts. There were quite a few departures today but only two arrivals tomorrow. That means a lot of laundry to wash, dry and process. I’ve taken two lots today with another in the queue. I’ll swap them over at bedtime.

I found time to research the phenomenon of the sky trains I’ve been seeing in the morning. The ‘train’ consists of a string of lights which move rapidly and silently across the sky. It has taken me a while to discover that the train is one of Mr Musk’s StarLink satellites. Why they are all in a row, I know not as I’ve not researched that yet. I know there are lots of satellites and they are not geostationary. Still, it’s an interesting spectacle more so now that I know what it is.

The afternoon has been studded with hanging up and taking down laundry, which was quite warm under the sun. Fortunately, the sun drys the laundry quite quickly so the sheets can be ironed ready to go back to the rooms.

This evening’s culinary delight is zucchini flowers and oven potatoes ( roast). It is sitting hissing in the pot as it’s ready and needs to come out. I didn’t really clean the seal properly after the DDs, hence the hissing. The pot is a few years old now but I have a spare as backup. I keep thinking about preparing a week’s worth of DDs but they need to be stored somewhere and my fridge is too small. And then there’s the containers…

Slightly warmer than yesterday with plenty of sun but hardly any wind. I suspect the temperature will continue to increase as the weeks go by.


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