Soupy Moon

Litsa came to visit bearing two of her rice deserts. Her Webcam was trying to follow the motion of their ceiling fan and getting in a twist. I said I’d change the settings to prevent it from having a breakdown. I installed the camera app for myself and share it with them just for convenience sake. I don’t have any cameras of that brand anyway. I went this morning to tell Litsa about the change of settings and showed her how to change the camera into ‘away’ mode when everything is reactivated such as motion detection and alerts etc.

Only a little barking from Maya in the night. The recorder recorded the barking but no indication of what might have triggered same. I did not need to get out of bed, Maya shut up quite quickly and we all went back to sleep.

The alarm seemed loud and the moon seemed fuller than yesterday. Luis, without cudgelling, managed to stay in the game and all of his own accord. There was a little gratuitous barking but that is to be expected from such a large, fearsome dog.

There were some FreeLoaders camped under the trees near the river on the way to Azurro. They have a dog which enjoys barking and they seem to get up early too. Isabella went on a visit but wasn’t made very welcome. They all did very well on the second passage, with a little prompting from me. Their dog was barking and we walked in an orderly fashion, parallel to the sea, pretending nothing was there.

The girls came out and chased balls and we even found one. Isabella did quite a bit of rushing about as did Sasha who brought the ball back and offered it to me. Isabella usually requires prompting except at the very beginning of the excursion.

I played with my brain then went on a trip to Paleochora and back with a very soggy front tyre. The tyre is very soft making steering interesting but there was no visible evidence of a foreign object having pierced the inner. The outer tyre is in need of replacement so more susceptible to bodies of the foreign variety.

I stopped at the beach for some immersion whereupon some ladies arrived from the newer villas. It transpired they are from Newcastle and they’re enjoying their stay on Crete.

I returned to the dogs, fed them and made tea. I chilled for a while then became a little motivated to do useful things. The outdoor air conditioner unit has relocated itself on top of the van where it will receive a decent breeze and be protected from dust to a certain extent and also dogs. It was not that hard to get up there single-handedly but I’m glad it is not a 21000btu model. It is standing on some rubber pads but will need to have some larger feet attached in case of exceptionally strong winds or the like. Alternatively and additionally, it could be lashed to something.

I fixed the pipe which connects the kitchen sink to the discharge pipe but the joint still leaks a little. I should do something better and may poach a length of pipe which appears orphaned in the field. Whether it will be bendy enough is another matter. I fixed up the ventilation pipe from my loo so that any noxious fumes are discharged harmlessly into the atmosphere without causing dismay to any adjacent visitors. I ordered a stainless steel digital calliper for more accurate measuring as well as a digital torque meter so as to take the guesswork out of tightening things. Kind of useful for battery terminal bolts of which I have thirty-two to tighten as well as copper flare fittings for air conditioners.

Air con outdoor unit relocated to van roof. Good air current, always shady, out of the rain and away from dust and dogs. As for rodents, not so much…
The silver screens live permanently over the front and rear windows. They help to keep the cold out in winter and the heat in summer. The south-facing windows are under the awning

The super moon was at its fullest yesterday evening but still looked quite soupy at 04:30. Apparently, there’s another lunar event in August to look forward to.

Maya likes to go bathing in the water bowl and managed to finally destroy the plastic bowl I removed from the rubbish bin over a year ago. So long as it wasn’t filled too full, the water didn’t leak out. It now has a hole in the bottom so will finally be laid to rest. I discovered the leak when trying to refill it to discover I was standing in a lake. I recently found a bucket without a handle washed up on the beach which has now filled the void left by the split bowl.

And finally, It’s Emily’s birthday as well as American Independence Day which I suspect might be a holiday over there. Happy Birthday Emily! Everyone is celebrating your birthday!

Cooler than yesterday but still very sunny and warm with very little wind.

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