Huffing Dogs

Some disturbance to the Force on the part of Sasha or even Isabella due, I suspect, to the antics of Motorcycle Man who is/was camped under the trees at the top. As a general rule, Maria makes motorcyclists leave their machine behind the reception block and doesn’t allow them to keep it by the tent. This guy has had it by his tent the entire stay and tends to go in and out at will. It’s annoying for me as well as anyone in the vicinity. For whatever reason, he came in and then went out in the very early hours which was when Isabella barked. There are few customers in the area so I didn’t care much. In any event, Isabella cannot un-bark!

When I went to feed Moggy, I noticed, to my relief, the guy was packing up his stuff but then later I heard what I though was his bike coming back in. As yet, I’ve not been out to see if he returned to stay.

Once I’d stopped Maya from growling at Isabella, we made reasonable progress in getting out of the gate. I left Luis to find his own way and he joined us at the second stop. On the way to Azurro, I noticed that Frank had still not left despite coming to collect his canoe which I was storing for him. He tells me he must return to Germany but will stop over at Meteora on the way. I’m interested to see how smoothly his exit from Greece is bearing in mind he’s been here with his VW van and caravan for the best part of a while. Generally, there’s a danger of being turned into a pumpkin and six white mice for ignoring Greece’s illegal import duty rules for vehicles. His vehicles are registered in Romania which might make things too complicated for the border control to contemplate.

It was a warm morning so the girls wandered in and out of the sea periodically. I noticed Obi had become soggy and less fluffy as a consequence. I bathed my feet when out with the girls later whilst throwing balls from the Big Beach. I’d forgotten the small, orange tent parked there so they had a bit of a rude awakening when we went back there later. However, they didn’t seem to mind and watched the antics until we adjourned to the Small Beach.

We, the girls and I, decided it was quite warm so went back to the camping after a decent interval. Sadly not soon enough to make and drink some tea.

I stopped at Anatoli and then Petrakis before riding back for a quick bathe. I’d pumped up my front tyre which made a considerable difference to stability and steering. It will be interesting to see if the tyre deflates much before tomorrow morning. Work was progressing at the rockfall but they were not stopping traffic today.

I had DDs to make so got on with that after a quick shower and feeding the dogs. The remainder of the morning degenerated into lethargy as it was hot. I was surrounded by panting dogs flopped out on the decking under the awning. I’ve not seem Sasha and she’s still wearing her collar.

The afternoon trundled by. I rearranged some boxes and folded up an immense amount of paper included in the enormous box which brought an air mattress to Frank. I kept the enormous box for putting things in. The things need to be light as the box is quite large. Currently, it’s full of other boxes of air.

I heard from one of my Hindhead clients who has a lovely cottage surrounded by trees on the road to the east of Hindhead. He tells me the computer I specified for him in 2015(!) is still fine only that Chrome takes forever to load. I suggested he might uninstall Chrome and reinstall it or I’d take a look at it for him.

My vacuum pump is on its way from Thessaloniki so might arrive in the next few days. Hopefully, it will have pump oil in the package although some do not. I’ve learned it’s important to change the pump oil regularly as it can quickly become contaminated with moisture and stuff. For a decent vacuum, the oil must be fresh and one risks damaging the pump too.

The day has continued warm and huffy with lots of inactivity. Luis has commandeered the large dog bed so it currently lying there huffing loudly for such a small dog. A number of other dogs are scattered about, some under the decking.

The hottest day of the year so far with 34,2ºC at 16:45. Tomorrow and the next day are forecast to be warmer.

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