Comparative Inactivity

It was cool out, much cooler than in the van, and there was a cool wind. Kostas was still hard at work but had time for Skinny and Sasha. We pushed on over the rocks and then to Azurro and back where there was no sign of Luis.

A new tent appeared near the river also a caravan under a shading next to the villas right by the river. I saw it being erected last week however I’m not sure it’s legit.

I took Luis and the girls out and the Crazy Sisters insisted on ‘helping’ to bathe Luis in the sea. We went to the Big Beach as it was too windy on Alonáki. We walked to the end and back then picked Luis up on the way past.

After realigning my brain and drowning it in tea, I rode to the bakery for a loaf and back for a swim. I went off the Big Beach too but there are too many rocks. The wind was stronger so it was a little rough on the Alonáki side.

I went back to feed the dogs and recover from all the activity. More tea was required and the morning passed silently by.

Compared to yesterday, today has been the epitome of inactivity. I sent the reservations to Bona and did some fiddling IT stuff but that was about it for the day.

It has been sunny, but also quite windy with some strong gusts. The wind chimes are beginning to annoy me so need relocating to a less exposed location. The wind direction is currently northeast like the remainder of the day. It has been sunny but not as warm as yesterday. The forecast is talking about 36-37 for the weekend. The actual temperature is often a couple of degrees higher than the forecast.

Cooler than yesterday thanks to a strong northeasterly wind. Forecast for more warm weather…


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