Vacuum Pump

I felt quite warm in the night but it was more pleasant outside. We made it out of the gate about half-five and walked in the moonlight along towards the rocks passing Kostas’ car on the way. We didn’t see him until we were walking back a little while later.

A small diversion was required to avoid the tent planted at the beach entrance from Alonáki – cunning planning and I’m sorry if you were disturbed. There was a decent northerly wind which made the walk to Azzuro more enjoyable. We all arrived except Luis who has dispensation due to infirmity. Other than Obi disappearing for a little while, the remainder of the walk was uneventful.

The girls came out a little later with the thrower and a couple of balls. We successfully burned off sufficient energy whilst all three of them ran after the balls. We headed back to find Luis waiting so he and I went for a little bathe together. I would like to think his condition is improving.

After a pause, I rode to Petrakis for carrots, courgette and potatoes. Also fifty cans of Hell for Bona and 20kg Breed for the dogs which makes it worthwhile for them to deliver. Carting fifty cans would not have been easy! Bona tells me she would like two cans per day to replace the coffee she has been told not to drink. Previously, twenty-eight cans disappeared in around one week so, this time, I shall dispense two cans at a time.

With the DDs on, I adjourned to my chair and more tea until I received a message from ACS that my vacuum pump would be delivered soon. This was followed by a call from the nice delivery guy to say the box was in the office. I went up to find it and another brief conversation with Marisa. We’d already conversed when she and Kira arrived on the beach whilst I was bathing. Kira was a little confused to see me in the water but eventually worked it out.

I’ve checked out the content of the box, added the oil from the enclosed container and tested the pump. I’ve also checked the delivery pipes fit the connectors on the heat pump so now need to get some copper tube, plastic drain tube and cable to connect the indoor unit to the outdoor and to the power supply. I plan to visit my local AC store tomorrow morning.

I have also configured a new router for Haywards-Heath which should be en route as I write. If the configuration is correct, it should simply plug and play! If…

Bearing in mind the time delay before all of the nice-to-have elements of the air pump installation arrive, do I use my pump to draw a good vacuum and skip over the nitrogen pressure test or wait, potentially until sometime in [late] August? The risk is having to replace the refrigerant if there’s a catastrophic leak. Assuming I replaced all it would come to around 70€. But then we’d have a working air conditioner which might seriously improve the environment during the heat of the summer.

Cooler than yesterday by 0.1ºC but not so windy with plenty of sunshine. Fortunately, not oppressively hot but maybe this weekend…

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