Air Con Install

Some sporadic gunfire made the dogs a little uneasy at 03:45 so I got up to deal with another matter and persuaded them they still had another half-hour before getting up time.

Luis was totally lacking in enthusiasm and couldn’t even be bothered to rise to his feet so I left him without his collar. His light needs new batteries anyway. We got out of the gate just after four-thirty.

There was a very pleasant breeze which blew particularly as we crossed the rocks. Kostas was somewhere around but I didn’t see him but maybe some of the dogs did. It was plain sailing to Azzuro and back although there were still quite a few vans along the beach track but no maggots today.

Luis appeared then disappeared until I came out with the girls, the thrower and two balls which Isabella clamped between her jaws for the duration. We found Luis and I bathed him from the Big Beach. We, and finally Luis returned to the van where I had some tea and sorted my brain.

I rode to the bakery for a loaf and then on to the electrician/plumbing shop. The company do the HVAC at the camping as well as the electrical. I was all set for a difficult time requesting the items necessary to connect the internal air handler to the compressor now resident on the van roof. Fortunately, the son, who speaks quite reasonable English, was there. He also does most of the Air Con installs so knew exactly what I needed. In a few minutes I had everything I needed plus some heavier cable for the Inverter. I went mad and bought 3m of 6mm cable to connect the inverter to the fuse box. This is the recommended and most efficient size for the connection. This is for another day but I thought I’d strike whilst the proverbial was hot and we were in the maze of shelves which store everything to do with Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and plumbing. I rode back with my bag of goodies stopping for a swim on the way.

I made tea, fed the dogs and then started organising stuff. With the compressor on the van roof and the air handler inside, there was a lot of up and down. So far, I’ve installed the power and pipe work to the indoor unit and run the power and pipe work to the outdoor unit. I then had an abortive two hours support call with Ellis at H-H where we messed around with their new router. It was past five by the time we’d finished and I was tired so I’ve just cleared away and will continue tomorrow. I’d wanted to complete the pipe connections and draw a vacuum which I would have left all night to check for leaks…

I wandered down to the kitchen after I’d fed the dogs and had a shower. Petra was working inside cleaning. She decided to give me the remainder of the ladies fingers which she stacked up in my container. I will be very full by the time I’ve got through that lot!

Warmer than yesterday so I was struggling a little in the middle of the day. I was focussed on the job so kept going…
Tomorrow is forecast to be a couple of degrees warmer and Saturday warmer still which will probably end up over 40ºC. I’d better get this AC working!

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