I slept in my bed as it became cooler as the evening passed. I was daring and left Sasha and Maya out, both without collars. Obi, Luis and Oskar were inside as was Skinny. The night was quiet despite the two who decided to pitch their tent up agains the northern fence. For them, I have no concerns if they choose to pitch there.

We were out of the gate by four-thirty but Kostas beat us this morning although he left just after we left the Promontory for the first time. The dog had gone and there was only the sprinkler parked in the car park with fewer vans along the top of the beach. It was dark and warm but the wind was getting up which made things harder on the way to Azzuro but easy coming back. We completed our walk with no excitements other than being joined by Iera who has just been collected.

I took the four girls out but it was getting windier so I decided a ride to Paleochora and a swim could wait until it calmed down. The four girls seemed to enjoy their walk, which, despite the wind, was still warm enough. We returned to some tea for me and a long drink for them. Iera found a cooler spot and has been there all day. I’d forgotten all about her until she showed more interest around supper time.

I fixed the metal skids under the AC compressor so that it doesn’t get blown off the roof during the predicted windy period tomorrow. In doing so I managed to damage each of the four fingers of my left hand. Three on the very sharp cooling find of the compressor and one with a screwdriver. The two, box-section metal skids should prevent the compressor being blown off the roof. The wind should really blow through it but it’s better not to find out.

Later, I went for a little wander to the beach and had a swim. It was windy, the sea was rough so not particularly restful. The cooling and exercise aspects were fine just not the waves. There were not that many people swimming or on the beach for that matter.

I went back to the dogs, had a shower and eventually processed the DDs which had been festering in the pot since morning. No carrots today as I didn’t get into Paleochora, so lots of cabbage instead. Tomorrow will also be windy more so than today.

I fixed the southern sunblocker at a more gentle angle which gives increased space to walk along the decking to the steps whilst stopping it flapping around. Unfortunately, the girls seem to enjoy playing a game which involves them being on either side of it and fooling around. The material is fairly robust however I get fed up when they chew through the elastic which attaches it to the decking. In its present configuration, it also effectively increases the decking area outside providing some space for the dogs to lie out of the direct sun.

Maya enjoying the extended decking area

Bona came to pay for her latest Hell fix and to collect an extra can for this evening. She nearly always pays in coin although there is a 5€ note today. I always have plenty of change for the bakery. On which note, I’ve not been eating so much bread due to the heat. There is a new loaf, purchased on Saturday, which remains unopened. This is partly due to the heat and the fact that Petra looks after me with generous portions. On which note, I should put on some clothes and get something from the kitchen.

Cooler than yesterday as a result of it being much windier. It will be more windy tomorrow, with temperatures over forty forecast for the weekend.

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